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AIONRISE owns an in-house fully automated 500 MWp per annum photovoltaic (PV) modules manufacturing facility with a total area of 10 000 sq.m located in Georgia (Europe).

AIONRISE premium quality PV modules are manufactured by German technology using leading European-made components in the Bill of Materials (BOM) from leading suppliers. The priority of our technology is to provide the best return on investments (ROI) for our customers lowering down Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) generated by the PV systems. We test all components of our BOM and each PV module to comply with the highest standards of power output and long-term durability in real, harsh conditions.

Our Research and Development team uses any feedbacks and monitoring results from customers located in different countries to constantly develop and implement new technological advancements. Robotized full automation, implementation of computerized Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with integrated each step online quality check, report, and track makes our factory comply with the latest technological and regulatory requirements.
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النوع: أحادي البلورية
نطاق القدرة (Wp): -
بلورية عالية الكفاءة
النوع: PERC
نطاق القدرة (Wp): 305-410

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  • 0.323 / Wp
    AE HM6-60 Seri...
    315 ~ 335 Wp PERC
  • 0.315 / Wp
    AE HM6-72 Seri...
    390 ~ 410 Wp PERC
  • 0.322 / Wp
    AE HM6-72 Seri...
    385 ~ 405 Wp PERC
  • AE HM6-60 Seri...
    310 ~ 330 Wp PERC
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