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معدات إنتاج الرقاقات: خط إنتاج الرقائق جاهز للاستخدام
معدات إنتاج الخلايا: خط إنتاج الخلايا جاهز للاستخدام ،خلايا CVD ،خلايا PVD
معدات إنتاج الألواح البلورية: خط إنتاج لوحات جاهز للاستخدام
معدات إنتاج الألواح ذات أغشية رقيقة: خط إنتاج الألواح ذات الأغشية الرقيقة جاهز للاستخدام
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Anhui HuaYuan Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

ADD:No 99, Qingliu Road,Xuancheng ETDZ,Anhui Province,China

Contact:Joanna Tang

Phone :+86-13646142564 (WeChat/WhatsApp)



Equipment Functions:

1)All-in-one double sided coating,through the modular design, continuous film deposition is carried out on the front and back of the silicon wafer without turning the silicon wafer, so as to realize fast and efficient production;

2)Good scalability,according to the requirements of equipment capacity, process form, substrate size and layout, the excellent equipment stability of specific equipment structure can be customized. Through accurate transmission control and vacuum treatment, the process stability and low fragmentation rate of the equipment under high-speed operation can be ensured. The design of fast and uniform heating system can ensure the uniform and stable heating of the substrate through segmented multi-channel temperature control system;

3)Hjt high efficiency battery PVD coating special large-size, light load, low thermal expansion coefficient, high flatness composite structure design carrier plate, excellent coating quality, combined with cathode structure and cavity form, to ensure the uniformity and repeatability of coating under large-size carrier plate;

4)The horizontal magnetron sputtering coating equipment uses the physical process to transfer atoms or molecules from the material source to the substrate surface to complete the physical coating process;

5)The equipment uses magnetron sputtering method to realize the function of double-sided coating in one process, and splash TCO film on the front and back sides of silicon wafer.


Equipment Functions:

It adopts the method of non breaking vacuum and roll to roll,

and integrates one-stop online successively in the flexible substrate,deposition back electrode, CIGS absorption layer, CdS buffer layer and i-ZnO/AZO window layer,etc. (Deposition films can be customized according to client requirements;

1)Each functional film layer can be grown in a highly inte grated multi chamber equipment in one step without breaking the vacuum(All-in-one);

2)The growth of each film is completed by sputtering process;

3)Precise control of the process to obtain high production capacity, high yield and low-cost production technology;


Equipment Functions:

1)With deviation correction and hot melting mechanism , and has the function of automatic joint throwing. There is no need to wear EVA again for refueling, and the function can be switched;

2)Equipped with EVA / TPT and other material laying and leveling mechanism;

3)With eliminating joint tailings’function;

4)Servo and planetary reducer are adopted to increase the operation accuracy of the equipment;

5)Adopt punching die to ensure uniform punching and blanking removal;

6)Adopt hob cutting method to increase the service life of hob and the quickness of on-site replacement;

7) With by-pass、GG、standard function,can be switched fast.


Equipment Functions:

1) The guide rails of the long and short pressing assemblies are located at the lower part of the frame, which can effectively reduce the overall size of the frame punching machine and meet the frame punching range;

2) The lifting platform adopts a high-precision, high-load synchronous lifting mechanism, the auxiliary parts can be leveled, with simple and compact structure;

3) The long side adopts 3~4 sets of pressing mechanisms, and the pressing and hooking mechanisms are installed at the riveting point of the pressing frame to the maximum extent,which can reduce the explosion caused by the deformation of the frame when the frame is pressed;

4)The auto frame machine riveting pre - normalization to avoid frame dislocation when pressing;

5) The glass leveling mechanism is integrated or independent of the pressing mechanism of the riveting point to ensure the frame riveting


Equipment Functions:

1) It integrates the functions of glue supply, glue application and loading and unloading.

2) The three-axis servo operation system is adopted to increase the operation accuracy of the equipment.

3) With visual inspection function, the equipment has a high degree of automation.

4) Equipped with glue supply relay system to provide glue supply pressure stably.

5) Compatible with multi-size component positioning and coating functions to improve equipment compatibility.


Equipment Functions:

1) It integrates the functions of film rough cutting, fine cutting and film laying.

2) Equipped with a unique fine-cutting mechanism to improve the film cutting accuracy.

3) It has the function of hot-melt overlap of adhesive film and continuous feeding.

4) The servo operation system is adopted to increase the operation accuracy of the equipment.

5) Adopt punching die to ensure uniform punching and blanking removal.

6) The material is cut by the hob, which increases the life of the hob and the quickness of on-site replacement


Equipment Functions:

1) Adopt the robot typesetting method, with strong compatibility;

2) Using CCD image calculation to improve positioning accuracy;

3) The belt adopts narrow belt, which will not affect the visual misjudgment due to belt pollution;

4) Belt servo drive, speed adjustable;

5) Achieve direct capture and placement to save layup time.


Equipment Functions:
1) The whole structure is composed of transmission unit,four-side alignment,lifting platform,servo screw,tape sealing servo module,vacuum system,etc;

2) The servo motor and the MOD combine to drive the edge banding mechanism to seal the edge,with fast speed and high


3) Edge sealing system includes tape fixing mechanism, tape edge sealing adhesive mechanism, edge sealing mechanism,

flattening mechanism, shearing mechanism,etc;

4) The roller of tape and flattening mechanism adopts polyurethane flexible material to prevent the rigid material from contacting the glass and to avoid the probability of cell broken and cracks.


Equipment Functions:

1) The position of supporting sucker can be adjusted and a pull-down sucker assembly can be added;

2) Self-manufactured module, avoid the residual material into the module and cause material jam;

3)Trimming tool is made of high quality high speed steel, and increase the tool's life;

4) Protective net corners opening, convenient check and maintenance.


Equipment Functions:

1)The overall structure consists of transportation alignment、suction labeling,labeling,vacuum system,etc;

2)Servo motor drive lead the labeling mechanism,high speed and high precision;

3)The suction and labeling system is delivered by a screw and a timing belt.Accurate and fast suction and labeling, and the

compression spring plays a buffer effect when labeling;

4)Roll bar code and name brand with roller to ensure that the bar code and name brand firmly stuck on the module.

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