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Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of photovoltaic mounting system and a big supplier of PV products. High-tech and innovation help Grace Solar to always keep pace with the whole industry and the world market. We devote to manufacturing and marketing the steadiest, most trustable and cost-effective solar mounting system solutions to our customers and faith in the belief of “best service”. As one of the largest PV solar products exporters in China, the industrial pioneer - Grace Solar has already installed its products in more than 100 countries and regions since its foundation.

Research and Development

Grace Solar emphasizes specialty and innovation on its products and offers good guarantee and professional support to customers. Grace Solar values talent people a lot. A professional research and development team that is led by qualified and experienced elite is set up in the birth of the company. The application of the most advanced equipments turns the company to an industrial leader of the structural design and system performance. Grace Solar cherishes its intellectual property and software copyrights of high-tech products including Ground Mounting System, Roof Mounting System etc.

Management Concepts

Grace Solar brought forward the standardized and internationalized management concept at the very beginning of its establishment. It positively introduces the international management systems such as APQP, FMEA, ISO9001:2008, CP Control Plan, MSA, SPC and applies them strictly in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, service etc. phases. Furthermore, Grace Solar strives to acquire international authority certification for the products and actively studies with international and domestic certification institutions such as TUV, CE, CQC, SAA, AS/NZS 1170 and Golden Sun.

Service Networks

Due to long term quick feedbacks for the reliable and qualified products and services, Grace Solar wins trust from system integration companies, installers and distributors worldwide. Cooperating with several strong facilitators in different areas, Grace Solar creates global service networks to offer superior and efficient services.

The mounting system from Grace Solar enjoys 6 advantages:

● Competence
We serve more than 500 clients and our mounting system has already been installed around the world especially in Japan and Australia. 4GW project implemented since 2009.

● Wide Applicability
Design of the mounting system is based on the international standards that can fit for all kinds of solar module types in the world.

● Manufacture
We apply the high strength aluminum alloy 6005-T5 to ensure the mounting system durable and in supreme quality. High capacity and fluent production line makes it possible to mass manufacture. Month capacity is up to 120MW-150MW; for project less than 5MW, the system can be shipped out within two weeks.

● Best Value for Money
We offer one stop business from design, manufacture to sell; this lowers the cost of our product and makes our price competitive compared with other brands in the same quality.

● Shipment
We are in a seaport city and can deliver the mounting system to almost any corner in the world upon request.

● Quality Warranty
We promise 10 years warranty. Predicting product life about 20 years.


Grace Solar Ground Mounting System

1. GS grounding mounting system

Product Features

● Bigger section
● More side fastening area, more steady for the rail
● Special slot design for the rail splice
● Various structure for the different ground types
● Pre-assembly in the factory to save time and labor cost

2. GS farm PV mounting system

Product Features

● 100% aluminum
● Aesthetic appearance, strong and easy-installed
● High flexibility
● 10 years quality warranty

3. GS carport PV mounting system

Production Introduction

This highly pre-assembly carport mounting system is made with high-strength aluminum alloy to ensure its safety and at the same time offer installation convenience and aesthetic appearance. Grace Solar Carport PV Mounting System utilizes a special structure design which maximizes the space by adopting two cars as a unit or free combination upon request. It is 10 ears quality warranty.

4. Double-Post Mounting System

Production Introduction

Double-Post Mounting System is applicable for large-scale ground power plant in all kinds of terrains. It takes the open carbon steel section as the support brace. Assisted by the pile machine for piling, this system can increase at least 50% of the installation speed compared to the ground screw mounting, and at the same time leave out the step of connecting the foundation and the brace. Double-Post Mounting System makes installation much easier and tremendously save your time and labor cost. The rotating Top Cap can rotate for three orientations in wide-angle and suitable for any slope or wavy ground.

5. Pile Ground Mounting System

Product Introduction

GS Pile Ground System is applied for large commercial and utility PV systems on non-sandy ground, suitable for both framed and frameless module installation. In GS Pile Ground System, Open Post can be piled into the ground quickly 1-2 meters by pile machine, and then easily mounting the pre-assembled Al-Beam structure, GS Rail with clamps. Our mission is to simplify your installation and ensure the structure safety. Grace Solar, your best choice.


● Easy Installation
Parts have been highly pre-assembled in the factory to save your installation time
● Safety and Reliability
Structure has been checked and tested strictly to against the extreme weather condition
● Flexibility and Adjustable
Smart design reduces the difficulties in the installation on most conditions
● 10 Years Warranty
10-years warranty for the material and structure is provided by Grace Solar

6. Fence

Reasons to Install the Fence

● Regulated by national law in some countries
● Prevention of burglary
● Insurance fee calculation based on with or without fence
● Safety: keep child or passer-by away


● Applicable not only on flat ground, but also a slope ground. (within limited tilt degree)
● Standard fence with good performance in strength and duration. Easy installed, high quality but in competitive price.
● Wide recognitions from both MW level power plants and ordinary ground power plant.

7. Ground Screw

Production Introduction

GS Ground Screw is the new foundation type for the PV ground mounting system. This solution is applied widely. It can minimize the impact on the environment; it is easy and fast on installation, greatly saving the installation time and cost. GS Ground Screw has a unique oblique spiral design, which greatly ensures the stability and robustness when withstanding the static load. GS Ground Screw is surely your best choice.

Grace Solar Roof Mounting System

1. Pitched Roof Racking System

Product Introducion

GS Pitched Roof Racking System designs with great flexibility for commercial and residential pitched roof. It is applicable for both framed and frameless module. GS series products adopt the innovative design of GD rail and D module which make the installation easier and quicker. High pre-assembled parts and customized solution will save your installation time and cost. Equipped with the excellent engineer team and quality management system, Grace Solar is eligible to provide perfect service. Grace Solar, your best choice.


● Easy Installation
D-module can be inserted into the GD rail from any position; the parts can be pre-assembled in the factory to save your time and cost on site.
● Flexibility and Compatible
GD Rail and its accessories are compatible with the most models of solar panels in different conditions.
● Safety and Reliability
Complied with the AS/NZS 1170 and other international structure load standards, the racking system, designed by the skillful engineers, can stand up to the extreme weather conditions. The main support components have also been tested to guarantee its structure performance and load-carrying capacity. 

2. Flat Roof Racking System

Product Introduction

GS Flat Roof Racking System is developed to mount the module tilting a certain angle on a flat roof or ground. Solutions include fixed angle and adjustable angle from 10°- 60°. GS series products contain the innovated aluminum rail, D-module, clamps and legs which can be pre-assembled to make the installation easy and quick, so as to save your time and labor cost. The customized rail can exempt you from onsite weld and cut. It is in high strength, anti-corrosive and of aesthetics in appearance.


● Easy Installation
D-module can be inserted into the GD rail from any position; the parts can be pre-assembled in the factory to save your time and cost on site.
● Flexibility and Compatible
GD Rail and its accessories are compatible with the most models of solar panels in different conditions.
● Safety and Reliability
Complied with the AS/NZS 1170 and other international structure load standards, the racking system, designed by the skillful engineers, can stand up to the extreme weather conditions. The main support components have also been tested to guarantee its structure performance and load-carrying capacity.

3. Ballasted Mounting System


● Easy Installation
Non-rail design; pre-assemble in the factory.
● Flexibility and Compatible
Applicable for majority framed panels in various flat roofs
● Safety and Reliability
JISC8955 2011 standard
ISO9001 quality management certification

4. Grace Solar AL Frame
Product Introduction

Being devoted to Aluminum products for over seven years, Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has accepted widely recognition among clients, with capacity of superior processing and good guarantee. Grace Solar manufacturers and offers various kinds of Aluminum frames, and can customize basing on different demands. Grace Solar, your best choice!

Grace Solar Power Tracker

Product Feature

● High Returns on Investment

With only 10-15% of the investment increases, horizontal single axis tracker with tilt module will help the investor to have a better ROI (return on investment) and IRR (internal rate of return) by boosting the power generation up to 30% depending on the project location.

● Reliable performance

Anti-vibration, Reserve self-locking, Anti-thunder, Double Limit Protection System and Sole-Drive design for individual or selected array(s) to minimizing the influence of individual downtime and reducing the risk of system-wide malfunctions or shutdowns.

● Intelligent Power Plant Technology 

Multi-mode control function includes self-shading evading & adjusting mode, wind auto-protection mode and manual operations. In particularly, self-shading evading & adjusting mode during early mornings and late evenings allows compact design of tracker in limited space.

● Scalability and Flexibility 

Modular design enables easy scalability and makes it easier to assemble on project site. Field welding is not required.

● Free Maintenance Design 

Reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Grace Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Product Feature

● Water free 

Water-free cleaning system, can work with harsh climatic conditions and avoid the cost of water. The robot removes 95% of soiling on a daily.

● Effective 

Regularly cleaning solar panels can increase annual energy production capacity by 6% to 25%. se a special microfiber brush to sweep the dust off of panels and will not damage the panel.

● Autonomous 

Clean the solar panels by set time automatically and autonomously, reduce operation and maintenance costs. The robot have two kinds of operation modes: automatic remote control nd local manual control.

● Energy independent 

On-board dedicated solar module, allowing the batteries to get quickly charged every morning and clean at night avoid disruption during daytime energy-producing hours.

● Flexibility 

The robots can use with a variety of solar panels and mounting types, including fixed-tilt arrays and single-axis trackers.

Approval and Certificate

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These mounting systems are easy to install, they have solutions for different kinds of installations as well as customized solutions. Definitively it is a good product.
-- The Green Power Company
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