Can Solar Inc.

Can Solar Inc.

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#265-12899 76 Ave, Surrey BC, V3W 1E6
+1 604 8003806
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CAN Solar Inc. was established in 2011 in British Columbia, Canada, focuses on providing innovative solutions for Solar energy installation.

For our LOGO, it presents a rising sun covering and blessing CAN(ada) and the Solar industry. It shows "energy is there" and CAN Solar Inc. is the link between Solar energy and you, stay green with you, be innovative for you.

The fuel is getting less and its price is getting higher, the nuclear power brings lots of concerns to people, the lower solar energy installation cost is needed. Can Solar Inc. integrates the low costs of Asia’s resources into the high quality requests of Canadian company, and provides the easier, safer, more reliable and more affordable components and solutions for installation.
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