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Corigy Solar Racking specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of photovoltaic racking solutions. Since its foundation Corigy has released a wide range of high-quality and innovative mounting systems. We provide roof and ground mounting solutions for residential, agriculture, industrial, government, commercial, and utility grade projects. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions making solar installations simple.

Corigy has many unique solutions which can be assembled into a variety of structures to accommodate most job sites. Corigy provides a technical support system complete with installation and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges.

We now play a leading role in the solar industry and have rapidly gained popularity among systems integrators, installers and distributors across the World. Innovate and supply high level renewable energy technologies and products, making renewable energy more affordable and accessible.

Product List

● Ground Mount
● Roof Mount

● Ground Screw
● Carport


Corigy owns an international research and development department,with a group of high-tech professional technical elites.We attach great importance to applying high-tech advanced equipment and bringing in high-grade,advanced talented persons,to offer customers kinds of very nice and cost-efficient solar mounting structures to meet their needs and requirements perfectly.

With 8000m² factory area and large company capacity,Corigy's annual production is around 200MW.


Corigy export about 4 MW solar products to foreign countries every month.

Products will be pre-assembled by CORIGY before shipment, packed with carton boxes and iron racks, and delivery on time.


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  • 0.0309 / Wp
    Flat roof sola...
    سقف مسطح
  • 0.0503 / Wp
    CP-KC Aluminu...
    تركيب أرضي
  • 0.0101 / Wp
    Tin Roof Solar...
    سقف مضاعف الميل
  • 0.143 / Wp
    CP-C Carport
    مرآب التركيب
  • 0.0281 / Wp
    CP-T Adjustabl...
    سقف مسطح
  • 0.0236 / Wp
    CP-NRB Ballast...
    سقف مسطح
  • 0.143 / Wp
    Floating mount...
    نظام تركيب عائم
  • 0.110 / Wp
    Agricultural S...
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  • 0.0759 / Wp
    GM4 Ground Sol...
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  • 0.045 / Wp
    GM3 Steel Sola...
    تركيب أرضي
  • 0.0455 / Wp
    PV Mounting St...
    تركيب أرضي
  • 0.0534 / Wp
    CP-GM5 Single-...
    تركيب أرضي
  • 0.0202 / Wp
    Tile Roof Sola...
    سقف مضاعف الميل
  • 0.0253 / Wp
    CP-FT Metal Ro...
    سقف مضاعف الميل
  • 0.00984 / Wp
    Mini Rail Meta...
    سقف مضاعف الميل
تحديثات الشركة
2-1-2020 CORIGY has finished 200MW ground project with CP-KC aluminum ground mounting structure,more projects are under constrcution now.
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أخر تحديث: 14-2-2020