Solarsunlink Co., Ltd.

Solarsunlink Co., Ltd.

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Flat B07, 23/F Hover Ind Bldg, No. 26-38 Kwai Cheong RD NT
+852 68427119
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A Global Solar Contributor Addressing the 21st Century and Built in Jan 2006 ,Solarsun is a manufacturer and solar system integrator.

Solarsun is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise with advanced photovoltaic technology engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, sale and after sales service. We offer clean power for every application and market, from on grid and off grid solar system to solar kit, folding solar panel, solar street light , BIPV, RV and camping products, Our solar products are sold to Dozens of countries.



  • HSMS 240-260M6...
    240 ~ 260 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • HSMS 80-100M36...
    80 ~ 100 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • HSMS120-150M36...
    120 ~ 150 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • HSMS 190-210M7...
    190 ~ 210 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • HSMS 230-250M6...
    230 ~ 250 Wp متعدد البلورات
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