Green Economy S.r.l.

Green Economy S.r.l.

Via Nazionale, II Traversa N. 24, 81010 Ruviano (CE)
+39 800 766510
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Diego Erminio Caiazzo

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Green Economy S.r.l. is the only reality 100% European whose purpose is to provide a service of pure distribution and technical support, addressing the many installers and operators of the panorama of the green economy in Europe.

Green Economy S.r.l. just makes components distribution of photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal and energy efficiency, so does installations, and in practice does not put ever competing with installers, but supports them with prices, services and conditions favorable and where if the opportunity arises, channeling requests for installation from the market towards its customers installers and / or local distributors. Today, more than 35 brands in the catalog of treaties such as the Green Economy S.r.l. It is proud to be the official dealer and distributor for United Kingdom and Europe.
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