MHS Solarbau Boos

MHS Solarbau Boos

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Ackerweg 8, 56729 Boos
+49 2656 951014
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Frank Müllers

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Founded in 1999 in Boos, we operate as MHS installation, home automation and Solarbau. Every beginning is difficult, so also with us. Who wanted to know until the introduction of EEG's some of photovoltaics? Only one or the other ecologically oriented Häusle-renovators ordered from us once a solar thermal system. The renewable energy is the future, but we had already then clear. Therefore, Mr. Müller, the owner of the MHS qualified, in 2001 (incidentally, one of the first) in the HWK Koblenz Solarteur®.

Meanwhile, we have established ourselves as Internet-based solar dealers Federal and Europe, as a solar company, we maintain our position within the last two years, massively increasing number of competitors through quality.
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