Servicios Integrales de Energia S.A. (SIE S.A.)

Servicios Integrales de Energia S.A. (SIE S.A.)

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Av. Melchor Pérez No. 2848, P.O. Box 2607, Cochabamba
+591 4 4472997
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Our mission is to provide holistic services in the energy area to industries, institutions and individuals of all the country so that their energy demands could be satisfied or surpassed, as they present a proper repayment to our employees, suppliers and proprietors.

The energy issue represent the central axis of the company activities, truly believing that energy is a fundamental element to obtain sustainable development in each sector. In this sense the activities of SIE S.A. are focus on:

- Energy systems installation, operation and maintenance
o Photovoltaic
o Thermal
o Wind
o Conventional
- Qualification and training programs
- Energy efficiency
- Technical support
- Provide equipment
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