Oman Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit 2018

Oman Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit 2018

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The developmental goals for sustainability and renewable energy have been set in most of the MENA countries. There are increasing possibilities of accelerated development of energy infrastructure, technological upgrade and human resource development respectively, to promote innovative ideas in the sector. Besides large-scale renewable energy projects, it is expected that the region will witness development of local industries for manufacture of equipment and systems for renewable energy projects. Now that renewable energy projects like PV Solar, CSP, wind energy and waste to energy projects are being set up, there are new challenges faced by the renewable energy industry.

After the remarkable success of our first edition of Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit (SETS) in Kuwait held on 3-4 April 2018, we are pleased to introduce the Second Edition “Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit”, in Sultanate of Oman scheduled to be held on 11-12 December 2018, which aims to bring together various stakeholders like ministries, research institutions and industry specialists to focus on sharing the current market trends, technological advancements and future challenges.

Ⅱ. Conference Objectives:

● Review the current policies and regulations regarding renewable energy projects and electricity generation
● Address the potential and current challenges in manufacturing of solar and wind technologies locally
● Explore the viability of proven and emerging solar and wind energy technologies in Oman’s climate
● Evaluate local funding instruments and opportunities for solar and energy storage projects
● Learn from different case studies presented on financing and business models
● Find partners, business matchmaking and local investment opportunities

Ⅲ. Conference Highlights:

● Different Prospects for Renewable Power: Waste to energy Technologies
● Economics and Paybacks of Renewable Power Projects
● Government financing schemes and incentives for implementation of Renewable Technologies
● Technological know-how and knowledge transfer for upcoming renewable project skill sets
● Energy Management and Smart Grids: Market scenarios and upcoming advancements