Silicon PV 2019

Silicon PV 2019

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The 9th edition of SiliconPV will be hosted by imec. It will be the key event for sharing and understanding cutting-edge developments and upcoming trends in Silicon Photovoltaics. It focuses on science and advanced technologies along the value chain of crystalline silicon cells and modules.

It covers short-, mid- and long-term issues including:

● Processing and characterization of Si materials, wafers, multi- and mono-crystalline silicon including defect passivation and gettering
● Advanced solar cell architectures and technologies
● Solar cells based on selective contacts and novel device architectures
● Next generation multi-junction crystalline silicon based tandem solar cells
● Advanced materials and technologies for PV-modules including, novel interconnection and encapsulation technologies
● Characterization techniques and modelling

As in the last years, the nPV workshop will take place successively to the SiliconPV conference with one overlapping day and a joined conference dinner. This will give participants a complete overview of all trends, innovations and developments of n-type technology.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

● Silicon material and defect engineering
● Wafering technologies
● Junction formation
● Cleaning, etching, surface morphology and associated passivation
● Carrier selective contacts and contact formation
● Advanced light management
● Advanced characterization and simulation
● Process integration and low-cost manufacturing
● Si-based tandem cells, new materials and novel approaches
● Module processing and materials
● Module reliability and production yield
● High and record efficiency devices
● Review papers

Ⅲ. Who Will Attend:

● Scientists
● students and technologists from leading research institutes and universities
● Representatives of R&D departments of the major PV companies
● Industry decision-makers