Eilat Eilot Clean Energy Conference 2018

Eilat Eilot Clean Energy Conference 2018

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The Eilat-Eilot conference is not just a conference. As our guest, you will also have the opportunity to see new trends in a wide variety of unique technological innovations.

During two of the conference days an exhibit of new innovations will be on display, showing the most advanced technologies in the field of renewable energy. Exposure to international companies will allow you not only to catch up on new innovations, but will additionally broaden the scope of available business opportunities and will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the technologies which will lead the market in the coming years.

With over 80 spectacular booths, participation in the conference will give you exposure to new products, both those in production as well as those which are already leading the way in Israel and around the world.

Ⅱ. Why should you attend?

● Be a part of Israel's largest international renewable energy conference where all the major Israeli energy players come together to talk energy.

● Enjoy a "one-stop-shop" for everything that Israel has to offer in the area of renewable energy innovation and business opportunities. You just may find the next game-changing technological breakthrough right here!

● Promote your renewable energy innovative idea/technology by introducing it to the Arava Technological Center,  Israel's leading commercialization power house

● Discover and evaluate renewable energy products and services.

● Connections made in Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy conferences have brought about major national and international business deals, such as Siemens investment in local Arava Power and Aora Energy's success in raising capital for deploying their revolutionary commercial pilot project in the Arava region.

● Learn about the region's unique model for solving the energy crisis while creating exceptional economic growth.

● Tour the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy project sites and see for yourself.

● Listen to leading international speakers discuss the world’s sustainable energy future

● Escape winter to enjoy excellent weather and our Red Sea beaches in Eilat.  Eilat's proximity to Israel's unique renewable energy projects is a winning combination creating a hospitable and fruitful working environment.

● Meet some of the best known renewable energy professionals in personal and exchange experiences.

Ⅲ. Conference Topics:

◆ Policy, Legislation and Regulation
◆ The State of Cleantech Innovation
◆ Developing and Testing Breakthrough Technologies
◆ Natural Gas and Renewable Energy
◆ Eliminating Oil Dependence
◆ Energy Storage
◆ Policy Measures & Business Opportunities in Israel
◆ Utility Scale Renewable Energy Production-PV, Thermo Solar and Wind
◆ Distributed and Off-Grid Renewable Electricity Production
◆ What does China and India need?
◆ Oil Alternatives for Transportation (including EV)
◆ Waste to Energy
◆ RE for Developing Economies
◆ RE as a Catalyst for Regional Development
◆ Energy Efficiency
◆ Smart-Grid
◆ Start-up Forum
◆ Energy Independence
◆ Education, Consciousness Raising and Community Projects