6th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo Osaka

6th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo Osaka

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

PV EXPO OSAKA is a specialised exhibition gathering all kinds of technologies, materials/devices, equipment for manufacturing solar cell/module and solar cell/ module itself. Held in Western Japan' s largest city - Osaka, the show will gather a vast number of professionals from the solar cell/module manufacturing field and their users.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

◆ Device/ Material:
Silicon Ingot, Wafer; Compound Semiconductors; Module Substrates; Industrial Gas; Targets; Plastics; Filling, Sealing Materials; Frame Materials; Other Devices/ Materials; Electrodes; Backsheets; Interconnect Materials; Dye-sensitised Solar Cell/ Module related Materials

◆ Evaluation/ Testing/ Analysis:
Cell Measurement Machines; Thickness Gauging Machines; Ammeters, Voltmeters, Flowmeters; Spectral Sensitivity Measurement Machines; Appearance Inspection Equipment; Other Evaluation, Testing, Analysis Equipment; Solar Simulators; Electrical Measuring Equipment; Optical Irradiation Machines; Substrate Inspection Machines; Testers

◆ Solar Cell/ Module:
Monocrystalline Solar Cell/ Module; Thin Film Solar Cell/ Module; Dye-sensitised Solar Cell/ Module; Other Solar Cell/ Module (CPV, BIPV, etc.); Polycrystalline Solar Cell/ Module; Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell/ Module; Organic Thin Film Solar Cell/ Module

◆ Manufacturing Equipment:
Molding Machines; Wafer Manufacturing Machines; Diamond Wire-saws; Etching Equipment; Melting Furnaces, Diffusion Furnaces, Baking Furnaces, RTP Furnaces; Sputtering Equipment; Laminating Machines, Framing Machines; Cleaning Equipment; Carriers; Other Manufacturing Equipment; Ingot Manufacturing Machines; Slice, Cut Process Machines; Laser Scribers, Mechanical Scribers; Coating Applicators; CVD Machines; Electrode Formulation Equipment; Wiring Equipment, Lay-up Equipment; Turnkey Systems; Weld Process, Soldering Machines; Module Assemblers

◆ Clean/ ESD Protection:
Aspetic Suits, Gloves, Masks, Shoes; ESD Protection Devices/ Products; Filters; Particle Counters; Air-shower Systems; Clean Rollers, Wipers, Various Rollers, Puff Brushes; Clean Rooms, Clean Benches, Isolators; Films, Mats, Sheets; Air-conditioning Facilities; Other Clean Room-related Products

Ⅲ. Who will Visit:

Specialists involved in Solar Cell/PV System manufacturing, designing, R&D as below.

★ Solar Cell/ Module Manufacturers
★ House/ Plant/ Construction-related Companies
★ Universities/ National Institutes
★ Other Solar Cell/Module, PV System-related Companies
★ Electric Industry-related Companies
★ Cogeneration-related Companies
★ Government and Other Public Offices