Trina Solar Achieves Milestone in Shipping Over 1GW of Solar Modules to India

منشور على 13-6-2016
Trina Solar 
Trina Solar Limited today is pleased to announce that its cumulative shipments of solar modules to India have exceeded 1GW to date with around 20% market share in the region in 2015.

Ms. Helena Li, Company Vice President, Regional Head of Asia Pacific and Middle East at Trina Solar, said: "We are pleased to hit the 1 GW milestone in the Indian market and would like to thank our channel partners and end-customers for their strong support and commitment to the Trina Solar brand. With all modules fully operational in various projects in the region, Trina Solar's fleet could power an estimated 4.2 million homes in India and offset 1.4 million tons of carbon emissions annually when compared to traditional coal generation."

Ms. Li continued: "As the upward trend in solar demand continues, India remains one of the most important markets for us in global scale and is an integral part of our expansion strategy in South Asia. 1 GW is just a start, and we will continue working diligently to further expand and diversify our client base in the broader region based upon our existing sales network to strengthen our footholds in all segmented markets, while contributing to greenhouse gas emission reductions in India."

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