NEXTracker Achieves 1GW of Solar Tracker Sales in India

منشور على 7-6-2017
NEXTracker™ announced that it has sold over 1GW of solar trackers to utility-scale power plants in India. 

"We are appreciative to be partnering on over 1GW of solar power plants with many of India's leading renewable energy firms," stated NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. "We have designed the most flexible single-axis tracker to fit a wide range of project attributes in India such as property shape and size, terrain profile, voltage, and wind speed. We have significantly invested and grown our Hyderabad team, and have adapted our product for local conditions, supporting dozens of projects that are under present construction."

"NEXTracker's achievement of over 1 gigawatt of solar trackers sold in India is impressive," exclaims Pranav Mehta, Chairman of the National Solar Energy Federation of India. "The Company’s cutting edge technology is quenching India's thirst for innovative solar technologies and on behalf of the National Solar Energy Federation of India, we celebrate this milestone and NEXTracker for helping advance India with clean, renewable energy generation." 

المصدر: NEXTracker Inc.
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