Seraphim Wins Ukraine's 246MW Solar Project

منشور على 15-6-2018
Seraphim Solar System 
Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. announced that it won the supply agreement for a monumental 246MW Ukraine solar project, developed by DTEK.

This 246MW large-scale PV plant is to be constructed in Dnepropetrovsk in central Ukraine. 246MW of Seraphim's 330W poly modules will be delivered to the project site before the end of August. When commissioned, the project will meet the electricity needs of over 100,0000 citizens, while reducing carbon emissions by 300,000 tons annually.

Polaris Li, President of Seraphim, comments: "Seraphim is particularly proud to be the sole module supplier for this landmark project. It rewards years of hard work and demonstrates the global recognition of Seraphim’s bankable manufacturing processes-including our reliable brand image. This 246MW solar power plant clearly demonstrates Ukraine's renewable energy ambitions. We are happy to see how our high standards and professional services bring real value to our clients." 

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