MiaSolé Set New Industry Benchmark in Large Area Flexible PV Modules

منشور على 12-7-2019
MiaSolé announced that the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems has independently confirmed a 17.44 percent aperture area efficiency on a commercial size PV module (aperture area 1.08m2). This achievement was recognized as a new certified record large area CIGS module in the latest Progress in Photovoltaics compendium of PV records.

The cells and record module were made using the MiaSolé production lines in Santa Clara, CA. MiaSolé's cell manufacturing process deposits CIGS on a flexible substrate using high-speed physical vapor deposition that produces high-efficiency solar cells in a continuous and high throughput process.

"This achievement is the result of our targeted focus in research and development to increase conversion efficiency and to provide durable, high power, flexible and lightweight products," said Atiye Bayman, CTO of MiaSolé. "We will continue to lead the industry by providing innovative and powerful products that enable new applications for solar power."

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