Manz AG Received Order from Battery Manufacturer

منشور على 21-8-2019
Manz AG has already posted approximately 18 million euros in orders received from one long-term customer in the Energy Storage segment in 2019.

The orders for equipment to manufacture mignon lithium-ion battery cells for mobile devices were placed within the framework of a long-term, exclusive partnership to develop particularly small, fast reaction battery cells. 

Martin Drasch, CEO of Manz AG, commented: "Our partnership clearly shows the advantages that Manz AG offers its customers through high quality and innovative strength. This ability makes us a sought-after development partner for production companies that are or want to become technological leaders in their markets. We are also moving forward with technological development and have our finger on the pulse of innovation. This applies not only to the Consumer Electronics sector. Customers in the electromobility sector will also benefit from our many years of experience in the battery sector. We therefore believe that we will participate to a significant extent in the coming wave of investment in the automotive industry."

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