Meyer Burger Receives a Further Partial Order from Oxford PV for About CHF 18 Million

منشور على 23-10-2019
Meyer Burger 
Meyer Burger Technology AG today announced that it has received a further partial order from its strategic partner Oxford PV. The order volume is around CHF 18 million. The new order comprises the expansion of the previously ordered heterojunction (HJT) key equipment into an integrated 125MW production line for high-efficiency perovskite HJT tandem cells. The order includes development work on both line and process integration. Meyer Burger announced the first order from Oxford PV for an HJT production line, worth CHF 20 million, on August 8, 2019. The production capacity for tandem solar cells is to be expanded to 250 MW by the end of 2020.

The current expansion stage represents the green light for industrialization of the groundbreaking tandem technology that will enable cell efficiencies in excess of 30%. Meyer Burger and Oxford PV are the forerunners in the industrialization of perovskite HJT tandem technology.

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