AE Solar Releases New Products at Munich Intersolar 2022

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AE Solar 
AE Solar has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise since its inception in 2003. This year at Intersolar Munich, the company presents 3 new product series: Aurora - up to 670W power range, Silicon Heterojunction Technology - Comet - up to 22,2% efficiency range and Neptune - PVT modules produce two types of energy from the sun's radiation: Electricity and heat, AE Solar's solution against the gas crisis.

Aurora modules are the most flexible product of AE Solar with various electrical characterizations properties and bills of materials. The Aurora modules range in output up to 670 W with an efficiency of up to 21.6%. The modules come in three different bills of materials: Mono-facial, Bifacial with glass-transparent backsheet, and Bifacial double-glass. All of them are durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions including high ammonia, salt mist, sand, and dust as well as potential-induced degradation as per various industry-standard tests such as the IEC, and CE. The module series are already highly demanded and top-selling since its announcement.

The Comet series delivers outstanding performance, higher efficiency, and great durability. With up to 22,2% efficiency rate and up to 485W power range, the advanced generation of heterojunction solar panels (HTJ) is a promising candidate to achieve a lower Levelized cost of energy. Thanks to lower temperature coefficient, high efficiency, glass-glass sandwich and great performance in low-light conditions, the COMET series can be a perfect choice for both moderate and extreme climates.

Neptune – Up to 75% of the solar energy received by PV modules is waste in the form of heat losses. Utilizing hybrid PVT modules, the Neptune series can produce up to 10% more electrical yield compared to standard PV and collects the heat losses for heating purposes. The modules have the best energy efficiency for places like hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, households and any other industry which requires heating and/or hot water. The thermal energy is produced from the absorption of the heat, which it generates inside the panel. This process cools the panel and makes it 10% more efficient. AE Solar PVT Neptune series is a good solution to the gas crisis in Europe.

"Primarily, the highest quality of our products is our core advantage, that we have offered to the customers for years. We have worked on product improvement since the day of establishment. We worked hard to increase the performance warranty length from 12 to 15 years and 30 years of product guarantee - a meaningful achievement for solar energy companies," says the CEO of AE Solar - Dr Alexander Maier

That's not all that AE Solar is promising to its visitors. During the exhibition will be presented NFC-chips integrated solar panels; they ensure that partners and customers will receive the original product quality, warranty, and better asset management. Award-winning NFC chips remain the leading innovation introduced by AE Solar.

Visit AE Solar booth NO. A3 170 and take a chance to briefly get to know the products and ask all the interesting questions to Dr Hamed Hanifi, head of R&D at AE Solar. Visitors can also attend the interactive presentation of Comet and support AE Solar's CSR campaign to increase awareness about climate crises by taking photos with Albert Bear via the Photobox machine.

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