GSL Energy Offers LiFePO4 Solar Storage Energy System in Germany

منشور على 14-9-2022
GSL Energy 
Why we need to install solar energy system? One of the most tangible reasons to go solar is the reduction or elimination of energy costs. The electricity a solar system produces offsets your electrical usage, significantly reducing or in some cases even eliminating your electric bill, so you can spend money elsewhere to save the difference. It's no secret that the electricity energy costs in most of countries continue to rise to unpalatable levels.

This is one of clients from Germany, he started to install 10 pieces of solar panels (375W) with one unit of 3.6kwh GSL hybrid inverter. And it's perfectly to be compatible with GSL power storage wall LiFePO4 lithium batteries 5kwh or 10kwh.

If you installed somethings like an instant shower, clothes dryer, heater in your house and use it regularly, you may notice that there is a change in your electricity consumption. However, if you add solar energy storage batteries to your solar energy storage system, it can not only help you staying away from energy crisis, but also can reduce your carbon emission. It's time to switch to solar green energy to save your electricity bill.

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