TSMC Solar Commercial-size Modules (1.09 Square Meters) Set CIGS 15.7% Efficiency Record

منشور على 19-6-2013
June 18, 2013 - TSMC Solar Ltd. today announced confirmation by TUV SUD that its latest commercial-sized (1.09 m2) CIGS champion module has achieved 15.7% module total area efficiency. The new champion module improves on TSMC Solar's previous 15.1% world record set in January this year. The module was produced using the current manufacturing equipment and materials at the company's manufacturing facility in Taichung, Taiwan.

"Our new champion module not only pushed our efficiency record up by 0.6% points in just 4 months, but also achieved a record temperature coefficient of -0.26%/degree Celsius, showing our continued ability to improve our process technology," said Ying-Chen Chao, President of TSMC Solar.

TSMC Solar also announced the introduction of its new TS-CIGS Series Model C1 module with nameplate power spanning 140W - 155W. The UL and TUV SUD certified module has an improved temperature coefficient of -0.31%/degree Celsius and has passed both the Blowing Sand Test based on IEC 60068-2-68 and the Salt Mist Ed.2 test. 

"Our Model C1 modules deliver improved energy yield and reliability in high-temperature and desert environments and prove our ability to bring record-setting process improvements to market," said Stephen McKenery, TSMC Solar Worldwide Sales Head.

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