Trina Solar Supplies 5MW to ESPE for Ground-mounted Project in Romania

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Trina Solar 
Sept. 26, 2013 - Trina Solar announced today that it has recently supplied 5MW to ESPE, for a ground-mounted project in Romania.

The solar installation is part of a 20MW project led by ESPE. This first phase consists of two installations of 2.5MW each, and will provide an expected annual output of 6.6GWh and a saving of nearly 3,700 tons of CO2 per year on the 12-hectare plot. The PV panels will be connected directly to the Romanian grid. The project uses 10,000 Trina Solar PV modules, each with an output of 240W or 245W.

Tiziano Meneghetti, CEO of ESPE, said: "This first step is part of a very ambitious 20MW project, and we are sure Trina Solar will be an excellent partner, given their extensive experience of developing similar large-scale projects in other countries around the world. The efficiency, performance, and quality standards of Trina Solar's panels are excellent, and the company provides a wide range of solutions and services. It is also very important for us to work with a company whose products comply with the highest European standards."

Trina Solar's multicrystalline PC05 series modules were chosen.

Ben Hill, President of Trina Solar Europe, said: "This significant deployment in Romania is the latest in a long line of successful projects for which Trina Solar has provided its modules over the past few months. By providing modules that deliver industry-leading performance levels, alongside our established high quality of service and – crucially – consistent reliability of supply, Trina Solar has proven itself as a preferred brand for customers around the world. We are delighted to add ESPE to our list of European partners and look forward to working together on further projects in the future."

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