Hanwha Q CELLS to Supply 26.2MW Solar Modules for Fukushima PV plant

منشور على 4-6-2014
June 3, 2014 - The 26.2MW "Sunny Solar Fukushima Central Plant" will be powered with solar modules from Q CELLS. This was announced by Hanwha Q CELLS Japan, the company entered into a partnership agreement with Sunny Health Co., Ltd. and JFE Engineering Corporation.

8,000 homes in Fukushima area to be provided with clean energy

"Sunny Solar Fukushima Central Plant" is being built on the site of a golf course abandoned after the 2011 earthquake. Approximately 105,000 of Q CELLS leading Q.PRO-G3 solar modules will be used in the project, generating 26.2MW of clean electricity. The solar power plant is expected to supply around 8,000 homes in the area with stable power and become a benchmark of successful natural energy generation in Japan. Construction is scheduled for completion in March 2015.

"A leading example of energy transition"

Jongseo Kim, Managing Director of Hanwha Q CELLS Japan said: "We are very proud to contribute to this leading example of energy transition in Japan, especially since it is located in the region that was hit so severely by the tragic events of 11 March 2011." Fukushima suffered particular devastation when the east Japan earthquake and tsunami hit a nuclear power plant there. This prompted controversy in Japan over the issue of Japan's dependency on nuclear power and had global impact on discussions of future energy supply. In Germany, which is regarded a pioneer country concerning clean energy policy; the government stepped back from their already decided plans of stopping the exit from nuclear power supply. Following the catastrophic events in Japan, the German government changed its policy and continued the so called "Energiewende" (Energy Transition) in Germany.

Charles Kim, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS said: "Hanwha is dedicated to make Solar the most reliable source of energy on earth and the 2011 events of Fukushima sadly remind us, how important it is to succeed in this venture. Powering the 'Sunny Solar Fukushima Central Plant', and thus Fukushima region, with clean energy from our Q CELLS solar modules is very special and a great honor for us."

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