Meyer Burger获总价值逾2,500万瑞士法郎设备订单

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Meyer Burger 
June 30, 2014 - Meyer Burger Technology Ltd announced today that it has successfully concluded three important contracts totalling over CHF 25 million with existing customers.

Two important contracts with existing Asian customers in the PV market

A follow-up contract for the delivery of water-based diamond wire saws for the production of solar wafers for high performance cells has been concluded with a leading solar wafer manufacturer who trusts Meyer Burger's high-quality, advanced diamond wire technology for top manufacturing yield and reduced production process costs.

The second contract is for the supply and provisioning of state-of-the-art module lamination technology to a module manufacturer who relies on Meyer Burger's advanced process control systems and patented hybrid heating plate technology to increase its production volume of top quality, innovative solar modules.

The overall annual production capacity of the two contracts is 700MW with delivery of the systems scheduled throughout 2014.

Strategic contract for diamond wire-based cutting systems

In specialised non-PV technologies a contract was also successfully concluded with Meyer Burger for the delivery of additional high precision industrial diamond wire-based slicing systems. The strategically important follow-up contract underscores the customer's confidence in Meyer Burger's top quality cutting technology and extensive process know-how.

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