SMA O&M and Central Inverters Selected for 140MW Solar Plant in Canada

منشور على 24-9-2014
Kingston Solar LP has selected SMA operations and maintenance (O&M) services and central inverters for its 140MW DC photovoltaic system in Kingston, Ontario. SMA Service will assume operational management of the Kingston Solar project upon commercial operation, and for the next decade. Later this year, SMA will begin delivery of the 125 Sunny Central 800CP-US inverters that will power the system.

"SMA has always been known as the world's solar technology leader, but projects like Kingston Solar and Grand Renewable Solar are solidifying SMA's position as the number one O&M and utility-solutions provider in North America," said Henry Dziuba, president of SMA Canada. "We are proud to be selected to power and maintain Canada's two largest PV systems."

Available in three plans—Preventative, Proactive and Performance—SMA O&M provides comprehensive services, which increase performance ratios, protect power production and simplify long-term planning. In addition to these plans, SMA offers individual services that can be integrated in a flexible fashion, resulting in a highly customized O&M solution. Project owner Kingston Solar LP selected the Proactive plan with additional support services and extended warranties.

"We were highly focused on selecting an O&M provider who we felt had the experience and capacity to maximize uptime and minimize any potential maintenance issues for a project of Kingston Solar's scale," said Matt O'Brien, president of Kingston Solar LP, the project's owner. "We believe SMA has both the technical and management expertise to deliver this investment-grade O&M service."

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