S:FLEX and Aerocompact Agree Strategic Cooperation

منشور على 20-10-2014
S:FLEX  Aerocompact 
S:FLEX Inc. and Aerocompact have agreed to extend their cooperation in sales and logistics.

Due to the positive response, S:FLEX and Aerocompact agreed to strategically coordinate and optimize the sales and logistical activities in the Americas.

"The extremely short installation time - 5 minutes for 1kW in South direction - combined with the other product benefits such as the up to 150 mph wind tunnel tested approval and the extremely low ballast requirement, have led to a high demand for the LEICHTmount[TM] EU system," said Nils Wollenberg Managing Partner of S: FLEX Inc. "By working together with Aerocompact we can ensure significantly faster processing of project requests. With locations in Colorado and North Carolina, we can provide our customers lower transport costs and faster deliveries. We are convinced that this offers wholesalers an added value."

Mathias Muther, Managing Partner of Aerocompact, explains: "We are delighted to form a partnership with S:FLEX because not only do they have great experience in the American market, but also hold the same high standards of quality and services. With their regional knowledge and existing customer base, S:FLEX will help us to further develop the market, product and services."

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