Solar Frontier to Supply Thin-film Modules for Aikawa Press

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Solar Frontier 

On Nov. 28, 2012, Solar Frontier announced that it has been selected by Aikawa Press Industry Co., Ltd. to supply its thin-film CIS modules for the "Aikawa Press Takane Plant Megasolar" project. This is the first utility-scalesolar project in the privatesector to start construction in Yamanashi Prefecture. The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by Yukihiro Oyama, Executive Officer, Solar Frontier, and Takeshi Aikawa, Chairman and President of Aikawa Press, among other dignitaries.

The Aikawa Press Takane Plant Megasolar is one of only a few solar power plants in Japan that have been built adjacent to a factory. The project's generating capacity will be 1.8MW, and 12,000 CIS thin-film PV modules manufactured by Solar Frontier will be installed. The project operator will be Aikawa Press, and the sale of electricity is scheduled to start around the end of next March.

Yamanashi Prefecture has one of the highest annual sunshine rates in Japan, making it well-suited for solar energy projects. Solar Frontier also provided CIS thin-film modules for the Mt. Komekura Megasolar plant in Yamanashi. Solar Frontier has developed its proprietary CIS technology to compete with silicon-based technologies on the basis of lower cost compared to total kilowatt hours produced as well as ecological factors, and manufactures all of its panels exclusively in Japan.

Looking ahead, the company will keep working toward "local energy generation for local consumption" using CIS modules, as well as contributing to effective land use through similar utility-scale projects.


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