ISM Group and Hanwha Q Cells Put into Operation the 10MW Solar Power Plant

منشور على 23-6-2015
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Together with Hanwha Q CELLS and other partners, the ISM Group ceremoniously started up the "Alte Kaserne Bitterfeld-Wolfen" photovoltaic farm in the Bitterfeld Region. The solar farm achieves a total output of 10MW and thus generates enough power to supply around 2,500 regional households with clean energy. The ISM Group developed, constructed and grid-connected the project in only six months. Hanwha Q CELLS supplied the solar modules for the farm. Altogether, the 38,456 Q.PRO-G3 solar modules will generate around 11GWh of clean energy per year, thus positively impacting the carbon footprint. As a result around one third of the energy requirement of the grid company, Netzgesellschaft Bitterfeld-Wolfen will be covered by renewable energy.

In addition to the ISM Group and Hanwha Q CELLS, the other decisive partners for the success of the project were the Baumann Rechtsanwalte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB for legal advice, the Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) as financing partner and Schneider Electric as supplier of the high quality inverter.

"My heartfelt thanks go to all the partners, who have been involved in connecting this plant to the grid in record time and in a highly professional manner," remarked Tobias Schmidt, shareholder of ISM Group, at the ceremonial launch of the power plant on June 19, 2015. "The solar modules are of particular importance for the profitability of the power plant," added Schmidt further. "The outstanding performance output of Q CELLS' modules under weak light, for instance in the evening or on cloudy days, as well as their quality and reliability, make the decisive difference." 

In reference to the start-up, Mario Schulte, Account Manager at Hanwha Q CELLS commented: "We are delighted, together with the ISM Group, to make a mark for sustainable energy supply in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen region. ISM has a great deal of experience and expertise in renewable energy. We share our very high demands on quality and sustained success of our projects and, as a consequence, we look forward to continuing the proven cooperation and to expanding it further."

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