Anti  PID EVA film  ‏(SV-15296P&SV-15297P)

Anti PID EVA film ‏(SV-15296P&SV-15297P)

Changzhou Sveck Photovoltaic New Materials Co, Ltd.
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النوع: التئام فائق السرعة
المنطقة: الصين الصين
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Anti PID PID EVA film (SV-15296P&SV-15297P)

  • Can reduce the risk of component PID

  • Excellent weather resistance (including high temperature, high humidity, ultraviolet, etc.)

  • Low shrinkage to ensure component stability during lamination

  • Fast curing, improve component lamination production efficiency

خصائص المنتج

خصائص المنتج  
النوع التئام فائق السرعة
سماكة 0.45-0.9 mm
طول اللفة 100 m
الكثافة 0.96 g/cm3
محتوى الهلام ≥75 %
خصائص الاستقرار  
قوة الشد 16 Mpa
التمدد 550 %
قوة مقاومة التقشير ‏(المُغلف - الزجاج) ≥60 N/cm
قوة مقاومة التقشير ‏(مادة التغليف - طبقة الحماية الخارجية) ≥40 N/cm
الانكماش الحراري ‏(الطول/MD) ≤3 %
الانكماش الحراري ‏(العرض/TD) ≤2 %
مقاومية الحجم >1x10 ^14 Ω·cm
التهالك بسبب التعرض للأشعة الفوق بنفسجية ‏(مؤشر الاصفرار) ≤2 △YI
الخصائص البصرية والحرارية  
نفاذية الضوء ≥80 %

Technical Parameters




Customized according to customer requirements, between 150 meters and 400 meters

Width / thickness

Customized according to customer requirements



standard test




Physical properties

Thickness tolerance

GB/T 6672-2001



Width tolerance







Tensile strength (after curing)

GB/T 13022-91




Elongation at break (after curing)




Peel strength between film and glass




Peel strength between adhesive film and back sheet



Thermal performance


ASTM 1204



Degree of cross-linking

ASTM D2765




Electrical performance

Volume resistivity

GB 1410-89



Optical performance

Light transmittance (after curing)






Light transmittance (after curing)






UV aging yellowing index

(60kWh/m2 )



Damp heat aging




Lamination process


Lamination temperature(℃)

Vacuum time (min)

Lamination time(min)





Note: Adjust the lamination process according to the customer's lamination equipment and the requirements of the

crosslinking degree.

Product advantage

HA Series EVA

Protect solar cell from corrosion of moisture, to improve adhesive property to ITO.

TS Series EVA

Improve solar module resistance performance to high temperature, humidity and corrosion.

All the EVA with PID free and Anti - Snail Track performance.


Changzhou Sveck Photovoltaic New Materials Co, Ltd.

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No. 6, Zhixi Avenue, Zhixi Town, Jintan District, Changzhou, Jiangsu
عدد العاملين: 1,100
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Contact Face
Contact Face
الوصف الشركة

Changzhou Sveck Photovoltaic New Materials Co, Ltd, formerly Shenzhen Sveck Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2005 and moved to Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province in 2010 (Changzhou base), and the Yiwu base was running into operation by the end of 2020. Sveck is an innovative enterprise engaged in the new material industry, covering an area of about 245 mu. The company has about 1100 employees and has been operating two production bases (Changzhou and Yiwu), At present, the annual production capacity has reached 480 million square meters.


Jiangsu Sveck Photovoltaic New Material Co., Ltd is a company is an innovative enterprise engaged in the new material industry, aiming to become the leading brand in the new material field. Our company was founded in Shenzhen (former name: Shenzhen Sveck Tech Co., Ltd), in 2010, we moved to Jintan Changzhou district, Jiangsu province (Changzhou Base), at the end of 2020, Yiwu base was put into production, our Suqian base has started since April of 2022. All the 3 bases (Changzhou, Yiwu, and Suqian) have an annual capacity of 900 million sqm.

As a supplier of integrated solutions for the new materials industry, Sveck focuses on the integration of R&D, production and sales and kept its innovation according to the needs of our customers, and cooperated well with our allies. After 17 years of efforts indicated in encapsulation material for photovoltaic, our film was used in digital products, new energy automobiles, and also for solar modules, which achieved a lot of praise from our customers. Our core business: Anti-PID EVA film, White EVA, EPE film, POE film, EPE white film, LRF, Aluminum-plastic film etc. And we had sold our film to over 20 countries and regions.

Sveck has been in pursuit of excellence and technological innovation, our product has achieved UL, TUV, VDE, PCCC, and SGS certifications. And we have created over 20 invention patents, 89 utility model patents and 3 appearance patents, and another 99 invention patents are under examination. Sveck was awarded “New giant of national elite”, “Jiangsu postdoctoral innovation practice base”, “Quality credit AA enterprises in Jiangsu Province”, “High-tech enterprises”, “Integration of Industry & Information standard”, “Mayor Quality Award”, “Green factory” etc. The R&D team achieved “Jiangsu Photovoltaic module encapsulation materials engineering technology research centre”, “Jiangsu Enterprise technology centre” etc. Also, with “CNAS national lab” certification.

Over the years, Sveck adhere to the technology-leading, quality-oriented development path, customer-centred, service to provide value. At the same time, the company has a dedicated R&D team led by several senior engineers and doctors, perfect scientific research equipment and scientific and rigorous R&D process, and a postdoctoral innovation practice base in Jiangsu Province. Sveck is committed to creating greater value for customers and serving our customers with excellent product quality, fast delivery capacity and a perfect after-sales system.


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