Qingdao Universe Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
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نطاق القدرة: 1 kW
المنطقة: الصين الصين
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Pure sine wave output waveform
Soft start: smooth start-up of appliances
DC/AC isolated
Low interference technology

خصائص المنتج

رقم النمودج
BR-P-1000W-12V BR-P-1000W-24V BR-P-1000W-24V
1 KW 1 KW 1 KW
€109 / الوحدة €1,160 / الوحدة €109 / الوحدة
ضمان المنتوج ‏(الحد الأدنى)
2 سنوات 2 سنوات 2 سنوات
بيانات المدخل (DC)  
أقصى قدرة للتيار المباشر
1 kW 1 kW 1 kW
أدنى قدرة لبدأ إمداد الطاقة
1 KW 1 KW 1 KW
أقصى جهد للتيار المباشر
15 V 30 V 60 V
جهد التيار المباشر الاسمي
12 V 24 V 48 V
فارق جهد مباشر مقدر
12 V 24 V 48 V
أقل جهد لبدأ إمداد الطاقة
11 V 22 V 44 V
أقصى تيار مباشر
107 A 41 A 21 A
بيانات المخرج (AC)  
أقصى قدرة للتيار المتناوب
1 kW 1 kW 1 kW
قدرة التيار المتناوب الاسمية
1 kW 1 kW 1 kW
المجال الناتج لجهد التيار المتناوب
107.8~234.6 V 107.8~234.6 V 107.8~234.6 V
جهد التيار المتناوب الاسمي
110, 220 V 110, 220 V 110, 220 V
أقصى حد للتيار المتناوب
5 A
التيار المتناوب الاسمي
4.5 A
50, 60 Hz 50 Hz 50, 60 Hz
عامل القدرة ‏(cosθ)
0.9 0.9 0.9
تشوه ‏(التشوه التوافقي الكلي THD)
< 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
عدد مراحل إمداد الطاقة
1 1 1
الكفاءة القصوى
86 % 88 % 90 %
وصلة خارجة للتيار المتناوب
Plug Plug Plug
بيانات عامة  
الأبعاد ‏(H/W/D)
397x139x72 mm 397x139x72 mm 397x139x72 mm
2.5 kg 2.5 kg 2.5 kg
استهلاك الطاقة في الليل
< W < W < W
درجة حرارة التشغيل -30 ~ +70 ℃
محول High Frequency-Transformer
فئة الحماية IP20
رطوبة 20-90 %
تبريد مروحة
أقصى ارتفاع 3000 m
ميزات الحماية  
ميزات الحماية حماية الدارة القصيرة ،حماية ضد الحمل الزائد ،حماية ضد الجهد الزائد ،حماية ضد التيار الزائد ،حماية ضد الحرارة الزائدة ،حماية ضد انعكاس القطبية ،حماية ضد اندفاع التيار
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Product Features:

● Pure sine wave output waveform
● Soft start: smooth start-up of appliances
● DC/AC isolated
● Input protection: Reverse polarity(Fuse), low voltage, over voltage
● Output protection: short circuit, overload, over temperature
● Low interference technology
● With power ON/OFF switch and two-color LED indicator: power, fault
● The surge power twice as rated power
● Thermal methods: cooling fans, 30% load auto. on
● CE-EMC/LVD, RoHS approved


Qingdao Universe Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in power products researching, manufacturing and marketing in China. We provide products including solar charge controller; inverter; LED  and LED dimming controller., as well as design and supply relevant solar systems.

The company has sophisticated R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance system. With over 20 years of application and design experience in the industry, our professional team of senior experts develop and design superior and high-quality products by integrating their rich and practical experience with advanced technologies. Our products are widely used in China and sold in many foreign countries and regions, and have been extensively applied and highly appraised in a number of major projects at home and abroad. With the specialized technology as the basis and the large-scale production as the objective, we are engaged to highlight the specialization and exquisiteness in technology and seek for high technology, high quality, high efficiency and high cost performance in products, striving to reach the advanced level in the international industry. 

Adhering to the tenet of “professional innovative and practical” and the philosophy of “integrity based, innovation wins”, we provide customers with Special Technology Service, professional products and comprehensive services; by gathering industrial talents and creating the best products, UPNE-TECH leads you one step ahead to the future. Create green power for the benefits of all mankind.

UPNE guarantees top quality, safety and reliability, and places considerable emphasis on environmental compatibility during the development, construction, manufacture and distribution of its products. In order to reach these quality targets, UPNE employs quality control and quality improvement strategies.

Qingdao Universe Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

No. 69, Yinshatan Road, Economic and Technology Zone, Qingdao, Shandong
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