Jiangsu Sunllent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
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النوع: خارج الشبكة
نطاق القدرة: 5 kW
المنطقة: الصين الصين
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Solar Inverter is the core components of Solar System,It convert the direct current to alternating current,and controller the solar panels charge the battery bank. It is the Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Solar Inverter build-in Controller, including PWM controller and MPPT controller.

خصائص المنتج

رقم النمودج
5 KW
€492 / الوحدة
ضمان المنتوج ‏(الحد الأدنى)
5 سنوات
بيانات المدخل (DC)  
أقصى قدرة للتيار المباشر
5 kW
أدنى قدرة لبدأ إمداد الطاقة
4 KW
أقصى جهد للتيار المباشر
48 V
جهد التيار المباشر الاسمي
48 V
فارق جهد مباشر مقدر
48 V
أقل جهد لبدأ إمداد الطاقة
38 V
أقصى تيار مباشر
20 A
التيار المباشر الاسمي
15 A
تيار مباشر مقدر
20 A
بيانات المخرج (AC)  
أقصى قدرة للتيار المتناوب
5 kW
المجال الناتج لجهد التيار المتناوب
209~231 V
جهد التيار المتناوب الاسمي
220 V
نطاق التردد
58.5-61.8 Hz
50, 60 Hz
عامل القدرة ‏(cosθ)
تشوه ‏(التشوه التوافقي الكلي THD)
< 5 %
الكفاءة القصوى
85 %
بيانات عامة  
الأبعاد ‏(H/W/D)
773x353x575 mm
65 kg
مستوى الضوضاء
< 50 dB(A)
درجة حرارة التشغيل -20 ~ +45 ℃
فئة الحماية IP20
رطوبة 0-95 %
تبريد مروحة
أقصى ارتفاع 5000 m
العرض LCD
ميزات الحماية  
ميزات الحماية حماية الدارة القصيرة ،حماية ضد الحمل الزائد ،حماية ضد الجهد الزائد ،حماية ضد الحرارة الزائدة

Main Feature

● Built-in PWM Solar controller

● Pure sine wave Inverter 

● Low frequency design

● Output power factor is 0.9-1 and output socket can choose

● Can accept generator's output

● Full automatic and silent operation

● Automatically transfer between battery and line modes

● Three-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time

● The charging current is up to 100Amp

Full Protection

Protection for polarity reverse protection, ac output power, short circuit protection, low battery voltage, over load, output short circuit and over- temperature Restrain surge interference, eliminate noise, protection for thunder striking, provide the reliable power to the home appliances.


Supply the reliable long back up time power for the home appliances and office appliances Solar power systems.

Products Description of 5KW Pure sine wave inverters

Application of our Products

● Living house and home building
● Office building, factory and warehouse
● Shopping mall, stadium
● Power station, field operation and some huge engineer construction
● Suitable for various home appliance, Office equipment,Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip

Introduction of Company

Jiangsu sunllent electrical equipment  is a professional Solar inverter, Power inverter and Solar power system manufacturer in the field of power electronics more than 10 years. We have one large production solar inverter sites, Guoji Town, Yangzhou City. We have own our technical department. Sunllent Inverter has been a leading enterprise in the electrical industry in China.

Our company invests 10% of its annual revenue in researching and development every year. We had international advanced equipments for developing, testing and producing. Sunllent Inverters invited the best technical elites at home, meanwhile, the company established perfect cooperation relationship with domestic scientific research units and academies, to strive for making products that reach advanced world standards.

Jiangsu Sunllent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

A-527, Shuangqiao Business Plaza, No. 101, Yangzijiang Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu
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