Hoymiles HM-1000-1500T

Genyx Solar Power
النوع: عاكس مصغر
نطاق القدرة: --
المنطقة: البرازيل البرازيل
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• Easy installation, just plug and play

• External antenna for stronger communication with DTU

• Power factor (adjustable) 0.8 leading ...... 0.8 lagging

• The highest power density microinverter on the market

• High reliability; NEMA (IP67) enclosure; 6000V surge protection

خصائص المنتج

رقم النمودج
ضمان المنتوج ‏(الحد الأدنى)
25 سنوات
بيانات المدخل (DC)  
أقصى جهد للتيار المباشر
60 V
أقل جهد لبدأ إمداد الطاقة
22 V
أقصى تيار مباشر
46 A
مدى جهد التيار عند أقصى قدرة
36~48 V
بيانات المخرج (AC)  
المجال الناتج لجهد التيار المتناوب
180~275 V
جهد التيار المتناوب الاسمي
220, 230, 240 V
نطاق التردد
55-65 Hz
60 Hz
عامل القدرة ‏(cosθ)
تشوه ‏(التشوه التوافقي الكلي THD)
< 3 %
الكفاءة القصوى
96.7 %
بيانات عامة  
الأبعاد ‏(H/W/D)
176x280x33 mm
3.35 kg
درجة حرارة التشغيل -40 ~ +65 ℃
فئة الحماية IP67
تبريد طبيعي
ميزات الحماية  
ميزات الحماية حماية ضد اندفاع التيار
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Genyx Solar Power

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Av. Apio Cardoso, 100 - Cincao, Contagem, MG, 32371-615
ملحوظة: سيتم إرسال استفسارك مباشرة إلىGenyx Solar Power.

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Contact Face
Andre Carvalho
Contact Face
André Carvalho
الوصف الشركة

Genyx Solar Power is a company from Minas Gerais that sells photovoltaic generators, meeting all the demands of integrators throughout Brazil. Our sales are made through the best online platform in the market and also with all the human warmth of our sales team formed exclusively by Engineers, to help our customers throughout the sales process. A technical and complex purchase in just a few clicks! We work with the best brands on the market in photovoltaic panels, inverters, installation structures and accessory equipment, including Canadian, Hoymiles, SolarEdge, FoxESS, Sunova, Solar Group, Clamper. We partner to make your financing viable in all available banks and at the best rates in the market. 

In addition to having a technical and specialized service team, we want to go further and make everyone more prepared for a market that innovates every day. We have technical cooperation partnerships with OCA Solar Energia and SENAI, to offer courses and training to all our customers. And finally, we are constantly looking for the “Genyx Pattern of Being” which is to have friendly clients. We know that a relationship goes far beyond a sale and that our integrator can always count on us.

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