Low Ballasted Aluminum PV Mounting System

Serve (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd
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SGrid can be used to optimize the roof load, and increase installed capacity on roof. The matrix structure distributes the necessary total ballast on roof, and thus obviously reduces the dimensions of single ballast. Meanwhile, the wind deflector also reduces the wind damage to the system and greatly decreases the required load bearing of the roof.

خصائص المنتج

رقم النمودج
ضمان المنتج 15 سنوات
نبذة عن النظام  
النوع سقف مسطح
ترتيب أنظمة التركيب الصفوف
تأطير اللوحة مؤطرة ،غير المؤطرة
توجيه اللوحة عرض أفقى
أنواع السقف خرسانة
زاوية الميل
0-50 °
كمية الرياح
144 km/h
كمية الثلوج
120 kN/m2
بيانات عامة  
أبعاد النظام ‏(الطول*العرض*الارتفاع)
9065x5950x400 mm
مواد هيكل الدعم ألومنيوم ،فولاذ مجلفن
مواد صغيرة الأجزاء فولاذ مقاوم للصدأ


Product Features

1. Gridding design:

• The whole system is closely connected, to effectively reduce the necessary ballast;

• The reproducible modular design greatly lower the installation difficulty and improve the installation convenience; 

• The compact arrangement of solar modules increases the installed capacity.

2. Maximum pre-assembly: 

• The bottom beam, girder, and support are folded into an assembly to improve the installation efficiency. 

3. Optional design:

• An optional rear support is available (SGrid Adjustable), to realized easy adjustment of inclination angle in a range of ±8o;

• Some components can be replaced by hot galvanized steel to reduce the cost.

4. Stable structure:

• The system is made of high strength aluminum alloy 6005-T5;

• The structural strength will be calculated to ensure safety and stability;

• The surface is anodized to prevent corrosion and resist the weather for more than 25 years.

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Serve (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd

D-5, Block A, No. 93-95, Anling Second Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian
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Serve (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd. (Serve Energy) is a solar energy high-tech company belonging to Serve Group with independent intellectual property rights. Serve Energy specializes in the research and development, production, sales and services of solar products, and commits itself to being a first-class supplier of solar energy products in the world.

Serve Energy team has more than 20 years experience on precision machining and surface treatment technique. Under its own brand "STTS", Serve Energy has been producing and providing a series of high-quality and innovative solar mounting products and solutions, including solar mounting systems on ground and rooftop, agriculture greenhouses, and waterproof carports, making Serve Energy lead the industry in terms of structural design and system performance.

Serve Energy headquarters in Xiamen in China, and establishes two production bases in Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, which monthly production capacity of aluminum products reach 300 MW, and of steel products exceed 100MW. From incoming raw materials, extrusion, mechanical processing, surface anti-corrosion treatment to packaging, Serve Energy strictly complies with the ISO9001 quality management standards, and continuously improves its process control, aiming to be an industry benchmark through its pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Serve Energy has won the "Top 10 Brand of Solar Mounting System in China", "Top 20 Global Shipment Volume of Solar Mounting System in 2017", and many other industrial rewards, due to its annual shipment volume of 1GW, and total global shipment volume over 3GW. It has become a reliable partner for worldwide customers.

Serve Energy takes "Ingenuity, Quality, Preciseness, Integrity" as its core values, and "creates value for customers and growth opportunities for employees” as its mission. Serve Energy insists on continuous improvement and execution capability strengthening, so as to win trust through service, to gain reputation through quality, to survive through win-win cooperation.

Serve Energy – Serve the future!

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