Aluminum Ground Mount System

Xiamen Megan Solar Co., Ltd.
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Guoqiang Singsun
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  • النوع: تركيب أرضي
  • ضمان المنتج: 25 سنوات
  • زاوية الميل: 0-60 °
  • كمية الرياح: --
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رقم النمودج
Aluminum Ground Mount
ضمان المنتج 12 سنوات
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النوع تركيب أرضي
ترتيب أنظمة التركيب الصفوف ،الأعمدة
تأطير اللوحة مؤطرة ،غير المؤطرة
توجيه اللوحة عرض رأسي ،عرض أفقى
كمية الرياح
210 km/h
كمية الثلوج
1.4 kN/m2
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مواد هيكل الدعم ألومنيوم
مواد صغيرة الأجزاء ألومنيوم ،فولاذ مقاوم للصدأ
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Xiamen Megan Solar Co., Ltd.

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No. 999, An Ling Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian, 361009
عدد العاملين: 57
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Megan Hoo
الوصف الشركة

MG Solar is one of the top ten solar mounting system suppliers in China. We are dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, and marketing stable, reliable, and cost-effective solar PV mounting system solutions. Our mounting systems are made of high-strength materials and optimized designs to provide strong and reliable support for solar panels that will last in all weather conditions.

Our company is committed to providing a full range of services, from initial planning, design, and manufacturing to on-site installation and after-sales service. We focus on the needs and interests of our customers. Our team of professional engineers and sales staff can provide the highest quality service and support to our customers.

Our company has a modern production base and equipment, as well as a strict quality control system to ensure the quality and performance of our products meet the highest standards. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality solar panel support products and perfect after-sales service to meet their needs for sustainable development and contribute to our efforts.

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About Us

Xiamen Megan Solar Co., Ltd. (MG Solar), is a manufacturer of high-quality solar racking systems for pitched roofs, flat roofs, ground open areas, and agricultural farms. We are devoted to the research, design, manufacture, and sales of reliable and cost-efficient solar PV mounting solutions.

Through our professional and experienced R&D team, we have developed a series of solar racking systems and passed several international certifications.

We have our own laboratory center, aluminum extrusion plant, full-automatic production line, and other advanced production equipment.


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