LV GEPH-C Series

LV GEPH-C Series

Hangzhou GudE Power Co., Ltd. ‏(GudE Potencia)
نظام التخزين تقنية: LFP (LiFePo4)
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المنطقة: الصين الصين
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GudE Potencia LV GEPH-C Series offers the solution of the combination of LFP battery and outdoor cabinet. Four different configurations with the capacity from 9.6kWh to 48kWh can meet a variety of home energy storage scenarios. Easy installation, according to the power storage needs and combine different batteries pack.

خصائص المنتج

رقم النمودج
48GEPH200-C 48GEPH400-C 48GEPH600-C 48GEPH800-C 48GEPH1000-C
نظام التخزين بفئة مستقلة
نظام التخزين تقنية LFP (LiFePo4)
صفحة بيانات البطارية
البيانات الكهربائية  
فرق الجهد الاسمي
48 V 48 V 48 V 48 V 48 V
أقصى تيار للتفريغ
150 A 150 A 150 A 150 A 150 A
أقصى تيار للشحن
150 A 150 A 150 A 150 A 150 A
معاملات درجة الحرارة  
درجة حرارة الشحن -0 ~ +45 ℃
درجة حرارة التفريغ -20 ~ +55 ℃
درجة حرارة التخزين -5 ~ +35 ℃
بيانات عامة  
أبعاد ‏(الطول*العرض*الارتفاع)
650x850x1200 mm 650x850x1200 mm 650x850x1600 mm 650x850x1600 mm 650x850x1600 mm
240 Kg 302 Kg 560 Kg 640 Kg 720 Kg
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Hangzhou GudE Power Co., Ltd. (GudE Potencia)

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Rm 2012, SME Tower, No. 553 Wensan Rd., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310012
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Hangzhou Gude Power Co., Ltd.(Briefly under the brand name "GudE Potencia")is established in 2021 by a group of professionals with over 20-years’ experience in battery and energy storage industry.

With the headquarter based in Hangzhou and manufacturing bases in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, GudE Potencia is engaged in providing reliable energy solutions to global markets.

The professional R&D teams lead by Post-Doctoral Station are dedicated to develop market-oriented products and solutions, together with a complete product line to fulfill customers’ diverse demands and skilled engineers to support customers’ needs from pre-sale to after-sale.

Focusing on the field of Reserve Power, Energy Storage and Motive Power, GudE Potencia is able to offer both Lead Acid Battery as well as Li-ion Battery to support various application.

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