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TBEA SUNOASIS CO.,LTD. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in solar energy system integration engineering design and construction, integration technology R&D and photo-votaic (PV) product manufacturuing in China. With more than a decade’s fast development, it has developed a main business structure with PV, wind and thermal power generation engineering as the core, and dedicated itself to providing clients with integrated reliable and efficient clean energy solutions covering development of various power projects, investment & financing and EPC (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operation maintenance). The company holds Grade 2 qualification for electric power project EPC and Grade B qualification for electric power engineering commissioning and electric power engineering design, has a professional R&D and design team with most of its members having a doctor or master’s degree, and possesses more than 100 patents. It has undertaken many national R&D projects, such as the scientific research program and the technological supporting program for “100 megawatt PV system integration technologies and key equipment research and development” in the National 863 Project; it has also built a great number of PV projects with the installed gross capacity in excess of 1GW, and had project reserves and investments at the one million kilowatt level. These have turned the company into a large-scale business group leading development of PV integration technologies in China.
At the same time, the company also possesses strong wind and PV power resource development and investment capabilities.
In the PV power field, TBEA SUNOASIS CO.,LTD. has a comprehensive industrial chain covering coal, power, polysilicon, silicon pellets, components, R&D of on-grid inverters and EPC engineering services for PV system integration, with all of its products having passed certification of Golden Sun, ETL, TUV and UL. In addition, the company has built the only “national engineering laboratory for PV power generation control and integration” in the industry. Moreover, the “experimental power plant for megawatt PV system integration technologies”constructed in partnership with the National 863 Project has been in service.
By making use of its more than 70 years’ experience in electrical equipment R&D and manufacturing, the company has independently developed a complete series of on-grid inverters ranging from 1KW to 1,250KW, 2.5MW integrated inverter-generator rooms and smart junction boxes with a conversion efficiency of 98.7% and 100% three phase imbalance resistance capability. The company has its total product sales ranking top three in China and plays a significant role in construction of many national key PV construction projects. PV components produced by the company have excellent quality as an international brand and can ensure that the output power will not be lower than 92% within 12 years and not be lower than 85% within 25 years, marking the highest product quality assurance level in the industry.
When faced with the strategic opportunity that China vigorously promotes application of PV desert power plants and distributed power stations during the “twelfth five-year plan” period, the company has developed the PV system integration capability going beyond the GW level with technological innovation, management innovation and fast development as its starting point. Additionally, through close cooperation with china Huadian Corporation, China Datang Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation, China Huaneng Group, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and China General Nuclear Power Group amongst the “five power giants and four large power enterprises”, the company has had large on-grid surface power stations built in more than 20 provinces of China, including Xinjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. Moreover, it has undertaken construction of the 6.6MW project at Shanghai Hongqiao High Speed Rail Station, also the largest BIPV power station in Asia, Shandong Lulan 159-m tower BIPV project, the highest single BIPV power station in the world, and many other distributed PV power generation projects. All of the said projects have been connected to grid and generated electricity as scheduled, ensuring investment benefits of owners and gaining high recognition of clients. Furthermore, 24 projects with the 20MV project of China Datang Corporation at the Qingtong Gorge and the 20MV project of China General Nuclear Power Group in Hami included have been presented with the honorary titles of excellent projects by owner units. Amongst them, the 30MV project of China Power Investment Corporation in Taiyangshan has won the China electric power quality engineering award.
In the off-grid power station domain, the company has constructed more than 2,000 power stations for China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other large communication companies. In addition, it has also built the 500KW project at Ruoqiang County of Xinjiang Province, the largest independent PV power station in China, and the Mount Everest part of the communication base station power supply system for Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch, the highest PV power station in the world with an elevation of 5,800 m. On the international market, the company has succeeded in promoting 500KW inverters and other products, and the 500KW PV on-grid project in Kazakhstan has been completed successfully and put into operation.
In the wind power field, TBEA SUNOASIS CO.,LTD. has a talent team made up of wind resource development, investment & financing, design, construction and installation and operation maintenance professionals, which concentrates on studies of analyses and application of micro wind power resources, wind-PV hybrid power generation and integration technologies and other core technologies by means of combining “production, learning, research and application”, and brings into full play the company’s advantages in low-cost supply chain. Based on the 10 million kilowatt wind power development planning of Xinjiang and the national development planning of achieving an installed gross capacity of 100 million kilowatts, the company has developed, invested in and constructed the Turpan 100 MW national demonstration power station, which is also China’s largest wind-PV hybrid power generation station. In addition to this, the company has also won many other wind power projects in Jeminay, Haba River, Mulei and Agricultural No. 13 Division of XPCC with the total scale reaching 400MW. With these projects, the company is growing to be a cadre enterprise in China’s wind power resource development and wind-PV hybrid power generation and integration technologies.
In the thermal power industry, relying on advantages in power equipment manufacturing and construction of transmission and distribution engineering package TBEA Transformer Industrial Group has developed over the years, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. has cultivated a power system technology service team with installation, commissioning, transportation and inspection, maintenance and energy conservation modification as its main business. The team has obtained Grade 2 qualification for EPC and equipment installation, construction and commissioning, and double A credit rating certification in the electric power industry. To date, the team has undertaken commissioning services for several power plants, including the power plants of Xinjiang Zhonghe Ganquanbao Industrial Park, Xinte Energy Company and Hebei Shengyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. for self supply.
In future, TBEA SUNOASIS CO.,LTD.will continue to center around its PV, wind power and thermal power service business, improve its core business capabilities in“EPC engineering construction and services, project resource development and BOT”, promote operation mode innovation, incentive mechanism innovation and technology innovation, spare no efforts to develop the best products and provide the best services and solutions for clients in order to meet their needs, push forward development of the clean energy industry and finally become an excellent green energy service provider!

TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd
TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to ‘the company’) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis Co., Ltd. The company is a High-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of solar photovoltaic equipments.
With 70 years experience of electric equipment research and manufacturing, the company specialized in green, reliable, efficient PV on-grid control technology, and established a R&D team, mainly composed of engineers with Master’s degree and Doctor’s degree. At present, the company established PV inverter technology RD center and G class inverter production base in TBEA SUNOASIS XIAN industrial Park, Hami industrial Park.
Through the unremitting efforts, the company has finished the development of 1kW-1250kW invert that got domestic and foreign certifications CGC-SOLAR,(CGC, CQC) PCCC, C E, TUV, SAA also covered each area of China. They are successfully applied into large-scale solar PV station in Qinghai Golmud, Gansu Jingtai, Ningxia Taiyangshan , Xinjiang Hami, Jiangsu Changzhou and so on. In addition, TBEA inverters have been exported to Australia, India, Indonesia and other countries. The total project reference reaches 2 GW.
Looking ahead, as the goal of ‘excellent and respected green energy service provider’, the company will continue striking to innovation on operation mode, incentive systems and technology. So as to provide the best products, services and solutions, make progress on clean-energy industry.

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