Infinity New Energy Co., Ltd.

Infinity New Energy Co., Ltd.

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No. 18 Yanqiao Road, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
+86 510 83570006
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Infinity is a comprehensive energy provider and manufacturer based on the new energy industry. The business covers project investment and new energy system solution. It owns two manufacturing base in Jiangsu and Anhui province of China, with a total capacity of 1.5GW,which provides series of High-efficiency, Half cell, muti-busbar solar panels. It owns a total of 50MW new energy plants both in China and abroad. It is expected to increase 200MW in 2020. In the past ten years, the company has established a key laboratory for new energy science and technology, which has condense the top experts and talents from all over the world, and has promoted the development of new energy technology.

Adhering to the "Responsibility, Focus, Harmony and Youth" corporate culture, the Infinity is committed to providing better clean energy solutions. To provide a safer, cleaner and more efficient green energy for global customers. With fine quality and service, Infinity gain trusts from customers.




  • 0.197 / Wp
    INE M290-315
    290 ~ 315 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • 0.197 / Wp
    INE M345-370
    345 ~ 370 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • 0.179 / Wp
    INE P325-340
    325 ~ 340 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • 0.179 / Wp
    INE P275-285
    275 ~ 285 Wp متعدد البلورات

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