BP Solar

BP Solar

630 Solarex Court Frederick, MD 21703, USA
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The quality is excellent. We don’t buy anything that is not BP. We know that there are cheaper brands but they give us so many problems that we prefer to trust BP without hesitation.

-- Delta Electrics NT Pty Ltd

We recommend this brand because it has high quality and great technical service. The prices are very competitive.

-- Marisa Ruiz, Eosolarsur

Since we usually work with low power facilities we are interested only in high quality panels like these. We never have had any problem with these panels.

-- Manuel Camero, Solucciona Energia

We have been using and selling BP solar panels for over 28 years. When we started the company 30 years ago, they were the only one around, and they are still in the market, so we trust in this brand.

-- Kim Atkinson, Natural Technology Systems

We use BP Solar mounting systems for our installations because they fit perfectly with the BP panels that we provide. They are fast and easy to install, and they are engineered to meet all relevant Australian wind codes. BP always use the best materials for their products so we can be sure these mounting systems are made to last a long time.

-- Kim Atkinson, Natural Technology Systems

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