Ningbo Huashun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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No. 228 Jianghu Road, Hongtang Street, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
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النوع: أحادي البلورية ،متعدد البلورية
الإنتاج (MW)/2018: 460
نطاق القدرة (Wp): 50-360
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Ningbo Huashun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, which is one of the biggest sea ports in China. We are a high-tech enterprise that is committed to developing green-clean and renewable energy, specialized in producing and selling the solar cells, solar panels, on-grid and off-grid solar power plants.

We are founded in 2005, which is affiliated to Ningbo Huashun Power Group. It is invested RMB 250 million to be built in the Jiangbei Investment Pioneering Park, covering area of 50,000 square meters, and we expand the advanced automatic production line of solar modules with production capacity of 500MW per year.

We have passed the system certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and strict enforcement of 5S management, and achieved TUV-IEC61215 61730, UL, NRE, CE, CGC SOLAR certification. With competitive price, reliable quality and excellent service, our products have successfully entered into the global solar market, and won good reputation from domestic and oversea customers. In order to consolidate and enlarge overseas market and influence, we set up branch offices in Germany, USA, India and other countries since 2010.

Huashun management philosophy is for "technological innovation, first-class quality, sincerity service" Our mission is for "enjoying the sunshine, promoting the health and civilization", our career spirit is "integrity, preciseness, high efficiency, Normalization". Therefore, we are devoting ourselves to developing green energy industry all over the world with advanced technologies, and making a contribution for energy conservation and environment protection.

Feature Products

Product Certificates

Our Strength

1st Brand

Hua Shun Solar win customer resources and high approval through ten-year developement. It is awarded as "Ningbo scale enterprise","Ningbo clean production enterprise","honerable enterprise of Zhejiang Province Photoelectronical Association" and so on... Products are certified by TUV international authority and so on. Hua Shun brand is also enhanced with investment of module accessories, such as EVA, ribbon and so on, Huashun becomes one of great brand enterprises.

2nd Industry Resource

Mr Rongshun Shao of Hua Shun founder has good reputation in the industry, therefore,we wins the recognition from Canadian Solar, Suntech solar and so on. and maintaines a good business relationship with them over the years. With new product development, quality control, enterprise management, enterprise culture construction, Huashun solar energy is the most potential photovoltaic enterprise in Ningbo now.

3rd Quality

● A decade of experience in the photovoltaic industry, strict quality control measures,  meticulous work attitude,.

● A strong technical team, who can make designs of a variety of solar panels. nowadays, black-white squares and circular solar panels designed by ourselves have been widely applied in the various types of power generation system.

● Under strict ISO quality management system,we standardise production process, product quality control . Os course,we set up independent quality inspection departments and bring quality testing equipments such as EL, XJCM-9A.

● Major materials suppliers must pass TUV international certification. 

4th Price

We have a flexible low price advantage among an annual capacity of 100 MW or more manufacturers depending on:

● Many years successful management experience, efficient and standardized management, which greatly reduce our administrative costs.

● With the investment of aluminum, EVA, ribbon, etc, thereby,it means most favorable prices.

● With the principle of benefit-sharing, long-term cooperation,we benifit each other ,instead of seeking the best interests of the ultimate goal.

5th Service

● Customer is God,therefore,salemen are very active and responsible through the sales process,including after-sales.         

● We strongly carry out the commitment: of ten-year limited product warranty.

● Warmly welcome Chinese and foreign customers to communicate in Huashun. as chinese old saying, How happy we are, to meet friends from far away!







  • 0.202 / Wp
    280 ~ 300 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • 0.189 / Wp
    260 ~ 280 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • 0.184 / Wp
    315 ~ 335 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-255/265S6
    255 ~ 265 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • 0.202 / Wp
    340 ~ 360 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-275-295S6-22
    275 ~ 290 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-310-330S6-24
    310 ~ 330 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-50S5
    50 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-60S5
    60 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-80S5
    80 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-90S5
    90 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-100S5
    100 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-110S5
    110 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-120S5
    120 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-150S5
    150 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-160S5
    160 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-170S5
    170 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-180S5
    180 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-190S5
    190 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-195S5
    195 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-230S5
    230 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-235S5
    235 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-250S5
    250 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-70S6
    70 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-120-140S6
    120 ~ 140 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-180-200S6
    180 ~ 200 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-200-220S6
    200 ~ 220 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-230-250S6
    230 ~ 250 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-270S6
    270 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • SH-230-240P6
    230 ~ 240 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-290P6-22
    290 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-50P6
    50 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-60P6
    60 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-70P6
    70 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-80P6-1
    80 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-80P6-2
    80 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-90P6
    90 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-100P6
    100 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-110P6
    110 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-120P6
    120 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-125P6
    125 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-130/140P6
    130 ~ 140 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-150P6
    150 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-160P6
    160 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-170-190P6
    170 ~ 190 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-200-220P6
    200 ~ 220 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • SH-250/260P6
    250 ~ 260 Wp متعدد البلورات
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9-9-2019 公司先后获得了“宁波市规模上台阶企 业”“宁波市清洁生产达标企业”“浙江省光电协会荣誉企业”等殊荣。系列产品通过TUV南德等国际权威机构的认证。华顺品牌随着公司在组件辅料EVA、焊带等环节的投资而得到全面的提升,成为行业为数不多的极具品牌优势的企业。
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