Saudi Renewable Energy Conference

Saudi Renewable Energy Conference

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Saudi Arabia is transforming within the spirit and text of the renewable energy project. Saudi Arabia believes that it predominantly depends on the private sector as it is the chosen partner providing key services in terms of energy, education, healthcare and transportation to achieve the goals of the National Transformation program and Vision 2030. The majority of investments are predicted to be concentrated in the energy sector, or the renewable energies sector in particular.

Nispana Innovative Platforms brings to you the Saudi Renewable Energy Conference to address the long term, multifaceted renewable energy strategy of National Renewable Energy Program (NREP). This a platform to bring in all the key stakeholders of the renewable energy sector across the globe, to learn about the best-practices and state-of-the-art technologies and products that will play a key role in developing their upcoming renewable energy projects. Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy market is set for growth, supported by an abundant solar resource, land availability, an A-rated sovereign credit, and strong economy and logical strategies.

Ⅱ. Why Attend:

● Understand the best practices followed in Renewable energy generation and transmission across the globe.
● Educate yourself with the latest technologies through case studies and presentations.
● Hear from the experts about innovative funding techniques for the upcoming projects.
● Get to meet the key stake holders in Saudi renewable energy Sector.
● Analyze how the renewable energy sector can be the driving force for the economy of the Kingdom.
● Learn about the future cost competitiveness of solar energy.

Ⅲ. Conference Differentiators:

◆ Emphasis on Public Private Partnerships.
◆ Focus on Financing and Regulatory challenges.
◆ Power plant Monitoring, Storage and Transmission.
◆ Prioritizing International Co-Operation.

Ⅳ. Conference Themes:

◆ Vision 2030: Renewable energy perspective
◆ Energy financing spectrum for the Kingdom
◆ Solar energy components
◆ Wind energy geothermal and waste to energy components
◆ Monitoring storage and transmission
◆ Developments in renewable energy sector across the globe

Ⅴ. Who Attend:

◆ Ministries - Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources: Minister, Secretary, Principal Advisor, Dy. Director General, Economic Advisor, Director
◆ Government Organizations and Undertaking: Head of Renewable Energy, Head of research, Board of Directors, President, CEO, COO, CIO, Head of Operations, Consultants, Governor, Vice Governor
◆ Finance and Investment: President, CEO, COO, Director, VP, Country Director, Investment Head
◆ Independent Power Producers
◆ Solar Photo Voltaic manufacturers
◆ Concentrated Solar Power
◆ Companies
◆ Wind Turbine manufacturers
◆ Water Desalination Companies
◆ Power Storage Companies
◆ Solar Air Conditioning
◆ Energy Consultants
◆ Waste management Companies
◆ Insurance Companies
◆ Geothermal Energy Producers