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PV-Inroof Mounting System Solrif®

Our patented Solrif® system (solar roof integration frame) is converting a frameless standard laminate into a roof tile. This enables a “real” roof integration.
Pitched roofs are able be covered complete or in partial areas with Solrif®. First projects were already realized in 1999. Since then mostly in Europe more than 700 MW have been installed. The free glass lower edge guarantees good self-cleaning properties.
With a good backside ventilation and ventilation openings energy yield is the same or better compared to roof parallel installations. If necessary in a mounted plant single modules can easily be replaced.
The system can be used for small installations as well as for big several megawatt industrial roof projects.
Further Solrif® is suitable for curved roofs and carports.

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Schweizers SOLRIF mounting system is certified by TÜVdotCOM and is very convenient to use. The special shape of the SOLRIF mounting system provides the same watertightness as a traditional roof covering. The ventilation under the panels is made from behind, which allows for optimal functionality of the PV generator.

-- Volt-R Energie

The Solrif from Schweizer Ernstest is strongly recommandable because of its adaptability with diverse panels.

-- , Ekinoks SAS