Yixing JS Solar Co., Ltd.
No. 501, Lvyuan Road, Huankeyuan, Yixing, Jiangsu
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JS Solar is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. We are one manufacturer of higher quality silicon cells and modules.

For the short period of its official opening in 2014 until now the company is constantly growing and firmly establishing itself in the sector of renewable energy technologies. JS Solar together with its foreign partners has developed and implemented a high-tech product production line in comliance with all European models and standards.

With the black silicon and PERC technology, improving mono crystalline solar cells efficiency up to 21.4%, poly crystalline solar cell efficiency up to 18.8%. So maximum power can be up to 370W power. Our products are featured with full TÜV product certification, MCS, UL, JET, CEC Australia list certification, as well as guarantee for high performance even at low levels of solar radiation.

With the quality and the customers' trust, JS Solar exported cells and modules to EU, Japan, Korea, Africa and South America.

Welcome to join us and create a better future together.
تفاصيل العمل
النوع: أحادي البلورية ،متعدد البلورية
نطاق القدرة (Wp): 255-405
بلورية عالية الكفاءة
النوع: Bifacial
نطاق القدرة (Wp): 260-280



  • 0.198 / Wp
    JS Half-Cut Mo...
    390 ~ 420 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • 0.196 / Wp
    JS Half-Cut Po...
    340 ~ 360 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • JS345-360M
    345 ~ 360 Wp أحادى البلورية
  • 0.192 / Wp
    255 ~ 270 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • 0.192 / Wp
    310 ~ 330 Wp متعدد البلورات
  • 0.192 / Wp
    260 ~ 280 Wp متعدد البلورات
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جنوب أفريقيا Gutter and Solar Solutions
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  • 0.113 / Wp
    JS158M5 Mono
    أحادى البلورية
  • JS156M4
    أحادى البلورية
  • 0.0853 / Wp
    أحادى البلورية
  • JS166M9
    أحادى البلورية
  • JS156B4
    متعدد البلورات
  • 0.0605 / Wp
    متعدد البلورات
  • 0.0704 / Wp
    متعدد البلورات
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