Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co., Ltd.
Building 2Winlead,Shutianpu Community,Matian Street,GuangmingDistrictShenzhen City,Guangdong Province,P.R.China
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Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of energy storage inverter related products. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Guangming District, Shenzhen. The core team of the company is composed of leading technical talents and senior experts in power electronics.

With the vision of "making energy more efficient and cleaner", Megarevo provides customers with standardized energy storage inverter products, customized solutions and OEM services. Megarevo's inverter products cover four major application scenarios: residential energy storage, C&I energy storage, microgrid and grid-side energy storage, including small-scale residential ESS on/off-grid inverters, microgrid PV+ESS integrated machines, medium and high-power PCS and unique products specially designed for North American and European markets. The related products have been certified by CGC, CE, TUV, CSA, UL, G99, NRS, SAA and European certifications such as UK, Italy and Poland.

To date, Megarevo has provided products and services to 200+ outstanding companies worldwide, with 1GW of energy storage inverters delivered and inverters shipped to 22 countries worldwide.

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عاكس ،نظام التخزين ،محول ،مراقبة
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بفئة: مستقلة ،ذكي
تكنولوجيا: LFP (LiFePo4)
النوع: مرتبط بالشبكة ،منفصل عن الشبكة ،هجين
نطاق القدرة (kWp): 1-24
عدد البائعين المعروفين عاكس 7 البائعون

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American ESS split- phase inverter

MPS Hybrid inverter

Three phase ESS hybrid inverter





  • Microgrid Hybr...
    33 ~ 550 kW خارج الشبكة ،هجين
  • Split-phase in...
    5.5 ~ 11 kW خارج الشبكة ،هجين
  • Three-phase Hy...
    6.6 ~ 16.5 kW داخل الشبكة ،خارج الشبكة ،هجين
  • Single-phase h...
    -- kW هجين
  • G2 Hybrid Inve...
    -- kW هجين
  • split-phase in...
    6.6 ~ 12 kW خارج الشبكة ،هجين
  • Power conversi...
    33 ~ 550 kW داخل الشبكة ،خارج الشبكة ،هجين
  • Power conversi...
    550 ~ 693 kW داخل الشبكة ،خارج الشبكة ،هجين

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  • Residential En...
    LFP (LiFePo4)
  • Container Stor...
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