Pile Ground Mounting System

Xiamen Antai New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd.
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1. Highly corrosion resistant aluminum components and stainless steel parts for harsh condition
2. Significant savings by pile-driven machine with fast piling
3. Ramming posts allows for surrounding areas remaining unaffected
4. Single post system allows for easy maintenance

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Pile ground mounting system
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316.8 km/h
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1000 mm
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Product Introduction

Antaisolar pile ground mounting system  is a very economical solution for large commercial and utility scale installations, especially on uneven terrain. The use of ramming posts eliminate the need for additional excavation works, and pile-driven machine reduce labor and time remarkably on site, piling finishes in less than 3 minutes, for large projects, this means high cost savings. Single post system allows for easy maintenance around and under the modules. Double post option for larger span and bigger array.

Project Reference

Self-owned Factory

- Manufacturing base: Two large aluminum profile production bases in Zhangzhou, Fujian, covering a total area of 213,333 square meters.

- Fast delivery: Monthly capacitly of 120MW  roof solar racking , 80MW for ground solar racking.

- Good quality control: Laboratory center provides anti-pullout test, element content analysis, oxidation coating thickness detection, environmental reliability testing (anti-corrosion) etc., to ensure high standards of product quality.   


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Xiamen Antai New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd.

30F, W Square,1801 Huandao East Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian
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الشركة الأم: Fujian Zhangzhou Antai Aluminum Co., Ltd.
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Antaisolar is one of the largest photovoltaic mounting system providers in China. Established in 2006, Antaisolar has accumulative mounts shipment over 3GW.

Antaisolar designs, manufactures and distributes a range of mounting systems, which satisfies the needs of residential, commercial and utility scale customers. Antaisolar's products and solutions are marketed and distributed through a worldwide network of strategic partners and distributors.

The name Antai is translation of security and stability in Chinese. In photovoltaic installations which last over decades, in locations where wind and weather posing challenge, solid reliability is essential.

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