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Xiamen Empery Solar Technology Co., Ltd
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BIPV solar mou...

Anhui Xinbo Technology
  • النوع: BIPV
  • ضمان المنتج: 10 سنوات
  • زاوية الميل: 10-60 °
  • كمية الرياح: 144 km/h
  • كمية الثلوج: 1.4 kg/m2

خصائص المنتج

رقم النمودج
EPR Waterproof Carport
ضمان المنتج 15 سنوات
نبذة عن النظام  
النوع مرآب التركيب
ترتيب أنظمة التركيب الصفوف ،الأعمدة
تأطير اللوحة مؤطرة ،غير المؤطرة
توجيه اللوحة عرض رأسي ،عرض أفقى
أنواع السقف خرسانة ،أسفلت ،فولاذ ،ألومنيوم
زاوية الميل
5-20 °
الانحدار الأقصى للأرضية
15 °
كمية الرياح
216 km/h

Xiamen Empery Solar Technology Co., Ltd

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Room 611, HongRuiShangwu, No.379, Xianhoushe, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian
عدد العاملين: 200
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Empery Solar professionally develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of solar mounting systems in the marketplace. Therefore, Our products can satisfy virtually all your needs in mounting solar panels, from small–scale solar applications in residential houses to heavy-task applications in large industrial facilities. EmperySolar's principal products include Roof Mount Systems, Ground Mount Systems, Carport Mount systems, Farmland Mount systems, Pole Mount systems, and Related Accessories.

Empery Solar has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and always designs, manufactures and installs all the solar mounting systems following the specifications and guidelines of the customers. Empery Solar guarantees you will get the right solar racking for your specific project needs with the maximum quality and a fair price.


● High quality and competitive price

● Faster installation, flexible attachment

● No sample charge

● Professional customized

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R & D Team

Empery Solar insists on "Professional and Innovation" in products research and development, provides effective guarantee to customers with "Professional", and create more value with "Innovation".

Management Concept

Since its establishment, Empery Solar has been persisting in the management tenet of "CUSTOMER-oriented, PEACE-loving, HONEST-based, PRAGMATIC & Solidarity", sticking to scientific development concepts and strict quality control.

Company Honor

Company Mission

Quality is life, integrity and development.

To ensure the "Top Product, Top Service", Empery has been seeing quality as the enterprise’s entire life. We sincerely look forward to your visit and guidance, we are expecting to cooperate with you and create mutually beautiful prospects.

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