TreeSystem S.r.l.

TreeSystem S.r.l.

Via Moraro 22, 35020, Pozzonovo, Provincia di Padova
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TreeSystem s.r.l. produces anchoring systems based on an innovative principle for which an international patent has been required.

TreeSystem supplies standard layout or developed for specific needs. The anchoring patented system with its slanting inserts permits to avoid excavation and cast concrete during the installation (using a simple JACKHAMMER) and also an easy and complete removal at the end of the PV plant lifecycle.

Anyway presence of hindrances into the soil permits the use of this kind of system.

TreeSystem is the perfect solutions for small ebig size PV plants, both in presence of particularly steep slopes, and in circumstances whereby the foundations must not exceed a certain depth, such as in the case of archaeological sites o QUARRIES e RECLAIMED DUMP AREAS (LANDFILL).

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