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Sunworks, Inc. announced a new project for a 1.06MW solar system that will be constructed at Demas Farms in Winnemucca, Nevada. The installation is expected to generate energy savings in excess of $3.6 million over the next 25 years.

The 1.06MW project will offset the energy consumption required by the farm's processing and irrigation equipment and will be built with fixed-tilt solar arrays, spread across eight farm sites.

Sunworks Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile, said, "Our new partnership with Demas Farms highlights our ability to help Nevada's agricultural base reduce their electricity costs. Sunworks is supporting Nevada customers on all fronts, from residential to commercial, to help establish a financially stable, long term energy outlook that benefits the state's economy as a whole."

Demas Farms Co-owner, Josh Demas, stated, "With our recent farm expansion, we knew energy bills would be a challenge. Sunworks was able to find a solution through low construction cost and creative financing that enables us to save money on day one and stabilize our overhead costs."

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