Jetion Solar Announces Signing of 33MWp Module Supply Agreement with Ecoprime Italy

منشور على 13-7-2022
Jetion Solar  EcoPrime 
Jetion Solar has held an online signing ceremony with Ecoprime for the supply of 33 MWp high-efficiency photovoltaic panels. The panels will be used in ecoprime's projects in Ferrara and Udine in northeastern Italy.

According to the agreement, Jetion Solar will provide ecoprime with more than 60,000 Jeniüs III series 550W+ mono and dual-glass high-efficiency monocrystalline modules. The double-glass modules have better anti-aging ability and can provide a 30-year linear power guarantee with a power attenuation of less than 2% in the first year and a linear attenuation of ≤0.45%. The design of double-sided cells allows the power generation gain on the back side up to 30%, which greatly improves the overall power output and helps the owners to obtain a high investment return.

During the online signing ceremony, the CEO of ecoprime, Vincenzo Floridia said:"ecoprime focuses on providing a range of renewable energy solutions to help customers reduce carbon emissions. We're delighted to join hands with Jetion Solar, a Tier1 module manufacturer. I hope we can work together in the near future in order to build projects in Ecoprime's pipeline according to the highest quality standards with attention to innovation and customer service. We look forward to further project development opportunities in Italy in the future."

Italy was once amongst the leading PV markets in Europe, with early growth spurred by its high levels of irradiation and the launch of a number of government support mechanisms. But changes in policy support has led it to a behind other European markets.

In recent years, the Italian government has gradually resumed its support for the clean energy sector. According to Italy's National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan(PNIEC), Italy's government has set a target of 52GW of operational solar capacity by 2030 up from 22GW currently. The change in policy has brought new vigor and vitality to the Italian PV market.

Aiming at the market, Jetion Solar has actively deployed and established a relatively complete marketing network and mature market system. In 2021, Jetion Solar announced to invest 150 million euros to start the Italian energy-saving building renovation project, and set up Jetion Solar (Europe) Engineering Company in Rome.

At the same time, offshore storage centers in Rotterdam and Belgium have been gradually established. Currently, more than 50 MWp of 166 and 182 high-efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic modules have been prepared in stock. In the follow-up, a storage plan of over 100 MWp has been planned, which will further radiate to Europe and lay out the global industrial chain.

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