GSL Energy Lithium-Ion Solar Storage System Successfully Installed in Malaysia

منشور على 18-8-2022
GSL Energy 
GSL Energy successfully installed a 20Kwh solar storage system with power storage wall Lifepo4 batteries in Malaysia. Mr. Fred who is managing a lodge in the island and now it is High season with house full of guests. In order to reduce the electricity bills of his lodge, he bought 2 sets of GSL 20kwh solar systems.

It only takes about 20 days for the delivery to Malaysia. When the goods arrived, he couldn't wait to get an electrician to install them. Mr. Fred got some questions during the installation of the system. GSL engineer helped him with the technical support.

Each system comes with 24pcs of 450W solar panels, the solar rack and 2pcs of 51.2V 200ah power storage wall lithium batteries put in parallel to work with DEYE 8kva Hybrid on-off grid inverter. As well as all necessary accessories he need for this system. Customer just need to find the electrician to install it.
Mr. Fred said: "The system works well very much and with this solar storage system they will no need to bear the expensive electricity bills, and suffer the power shortage. If you want to know more details of our product and company, welcome to contact GSL ENERGY for more solar project information, GSL will provide you a professional service with the best price."

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